6 Body Language Signs That He’s Definitely Interested In You

Guys can be very vague and mysterious. Men typically aren’t as open and expressive about their feelings as women are. And as a result, they can be very difficult to read. They don’t like to open up about their emotions and so you have to try your best to read between the lines. You’re practically cracking a code and you don’t know how to do it. You weren’t necessarily given a set of instructions that you can work with. And sometimes, you can get so lost in trying to read into situations that don’t have much meaning. You might be manufacturing things out of thin air.

You might be wasting so much time looking at areas where nothing is present. Don’t overthink it. Love is complicated enough as it is. There’s no need for you to be making things more difficult on yourself. You have to keep in mind that men and women don’t communicate in the same way. Just because you would be sending a message a certain way doesn’t mean that he’s going to do the same. You can’t just assume that you are both operating on the same wavelengths. While you may be fond of conveying your messages through subtle body movements, men might not care too much.

They may not be putting too much thought into how they act or what they say around you. And that’s when the clash becomes prominent; that’s when things get complicated. You might expecting him to do something, and he might not think that you’re expecting such things from him. So if you really want to know whether your man likes you or not, you’re going to have to read on until the end of this article. There are some certain body language signs that he might be exhibiting in a subtle manner which you just fail to pick up.

If you actively look for these signs in your relationship, then you will be able to notice them more clearly. If you guy is guilty of doing these 6 subtle signs when he’s with you, then he’s definitely interested in you.

1. He tilts his head whenever he’s around you.

When a man tilts his head (whether he means to do so or not), it’s always a sign of comfort with another person. It’s also a show of endearment. He’s tilting his head toward you because he is interested in you and it’s his subtle way of indicating that he wants to get closer to you – both on a physical and an emotional sense.

2. He acts all fidgety whenever you’re together.

He’s probably nervous about being around you. He has a great attraction towards you and he can’t contain himself. That’s why he’s looking for other outlets for his energy. Otherwise, he would probably implode.

3. He playfully and innocently touches you.

He shows that he wants to develop a kind of physical closeness with you. And if he’s touching you, that means he’s taking comfort in you; and he wants you to be able to trust him as well.

4. He really holds on to his hugs for long periods of time.

Hugs are always huge indicators of romantic interest. If he prolongs his hugs with you, it’s because he wants you to feel safe in his arms; that you can always find solace with him.

5. He is always smiling whenever you’re around.

You make him happy. It’s plain and simple. He’s telling you how much he likes you with his smile.

6. He looks at you straight into your eyes when you’re talking.

It means that he wants to establish a deep and profound connection with you. He really sees potential in you and he wants you to be comfortable with him. He wants you to be able to feel his sincerity. He wants you to know that he isn’t playing around with you. And most of all, he wants you to be able to trust him; to know that he has nothing to hide from you.


At the end of the day, nothing can beat good old-fashioned communication. But sometimes, you’re just going to have to learn to adjust depending on who you date. There will be some men who are brave and confident enough to express their interest in you. There are some who will just be too shy to do so. And then there are those who just need to take a little bit of time before they come to terms with how they really feel about you.You just have to make sure that you feel the same way and that you are both compatible enough to actually make something of your mutual interest in one another. Love isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult either. It’s always a risk and you’re both going to have to learn to take a chance on one another if you

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