6 Bonding Experiences That Make Relationships Stronger Than Ever

The strongest bond ❤️
Bonding Experiences

Some things go a long way and have more impact than you can ever imagine. Every strong relationship takes a lot of time, effort, and strength to work out for the long run, they also require a couple of special experiences, those special moments only the two of you share and always think of when you’re going through a rough patch, such memories can strengthen the bond of your relationship and save it during the bad times.

Here are six bonding experiences that make relationships stronger than ever.

6. Have the most explosive fight

This might sound a bit strange but my relationship is living proof of this one. Me and my girlfriend recently had a major fight, we screamed our lungs out at each other, it was bad. We both took a day off to think things through and to cool down.

When we spoke after that fight, I felt a bit closer to her, she felt the same, it was as if our hearts just wanted to stay connected no matter what, so even in that enraged state we both managed to tell each other how much we loved each other.

5. Road trip

A road trip can change people, you go through so many different transitions and you learn so many new things about life and beauty. When someone goes on a road trip, they come out of their little protective bubble of comfort and they brace themselves to accept whatever comes their way, it’s a very powerful feeling. I changed after my road trip too.

Now going on a road trip with your partner is just something completely life changing. You two will see a side of each other you had no idea of, and you’ll grow to be more comfortable with one another. It’s definitely an experience worth having.

4. Try cooking together

Cooking is fun, I don’t know much about it but I always join my girlfriend in the kitchen to just watch and learn. It’s fun to try to mix and match together and try to cook something fun for each other. Get to know each others’ tastes a little better and cook together. It’s not going to turn out perfect the first time, you two might fail at it first, but you’ll soon master cooking together. It’s also fun when you have to go grocery shopping for it.

3. Being completely comfortable

I took a long time before I was completely comfortable with my girlfriend, but now I can’t imagine being this comfortable with anyone in my life. And by being comfortable I mean to feel at home, to feel like you’re safe and no one will judge you, that’s being comfortable.

2. Having a show you share

Everyone has different taste when it comes to TV shows but it’s an amazing thing if you and your partner can share at least one show together that both of you love. For me, it’s actually a lot of shows, we discuss them so much that they take up half of our conversations. Have that one show that you can watch together and discuss about it with each other.

1. Share your worst fears

We can be weak in front of the people we love, we can cry in front of the people we love, we have no inhibitions in front of people we love, reveal your worst fears to one another, it will create an incredible bond of trust and faith between the two of you, the kind of bond that never gets broken.

Question of the day

What is it that you did to save your relationship or to strengthen the bond? Leave your answers in the comments section below.

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