6 Clear Signs That Your Relationship Is Boring The Heck Out Of You

When a relationship gets boring, both partners are to blame.

Boredom is a struggle to bear. As human beings, we inherently try to always want to keep ourselves busy or stimulated. Even the laziest people will not want to be completely bored out of their minds. They will always be looking for some form of stimulation to keep themselves going. And no one ever wants to be considered as a person who is boring to be with. No one wants to ever be labeled as someone who is boring and whose presence is downright non value adding. So if people don’t want to settle for having boring personalities, it begs to ask the question: why do a lot of people settle for being in boring relationships?

The sad fact of the matter is that there are just so many people who will persist in their boring relationships just because they are afraid of going back to living the single life. Some people will put up with being in a boring relationship because they think it would be such a waste to let go of a relationship that has gone through so many experiences. But is that boring relationship still really a kind of relationship that’s still worth staying in? Is it still worth all the effort? If you don’t want settle for a boring life, then why would you ever allow yourself to settle for a boring relationship?

Never take a boring relationship lying down. You have to do something about it. It’s either you try new things to jumpstart the fun and excitement in your relationship or you just call it quits entirely. The point is that you have to make a decision. While it may seem a little rash to end a relationship on the grounds of extreme boredom, you have to understand that you might be depriving yourselves of the kind of relationships that you actually deserve to be in: a relationship that is filled with wonder and exhilaration. You don’t always have to fear change especially when the change is warranted. Remember that ending a boring relationship on good terms isn’t necessarily something that you should be ashamed of.

However, it’s very important to note that some relationships can experience spells of boredom without necessarily being a boring relationship as a whole. It’s very important for you to learn the difference. Yes, the initial excitement that comes with a new relationship is eventually going to taper itself down. That doesn’t mean that you are stuck in a boring relationship, it just means that you have to find new ways to enjoy each other’s company. If you are meant for each other, then this shouldn’t be any trouble to you. So just because you have spells of boredom or ruts in your relationship, you don’t have to be thinking about ending things right away.

So how are you really able to tell the differences? How can you know for sure? Well, here is a curated list of signs that you are clearly stuck in a boring relationship and it’s probably best for you to end things.

1. You would rather watch reruns on television than go out on a real date.

If you aren’t making an effort to have fun and enriching dates with one another anymore, then that is a clear-cut sign that you are stuck in a boring relationship. You have become a boring couple that is content with staying in all the time.

2. You aren’t really excited at the prospect of sex.

When even the sex is boring, then you know that you have a problem in the relationship. Sex should always be fun, playful, and exciting. But when the thought of having sex with your partner doesn’t excite you, then you’re in a boring relationship indeed.

3. You crave for going on a solo adventure.

You want to shake things up and just escape this relationship. You want to escape boredom and do something worthwhile. So you want to go on a trip, but you don’t want to tag your partner along because you know that that would just somehow mess things up.

4. Your friends ask you if something is wrong in your relationship.

If your friends are starting to notice something off with your relationship, then that is definitely cause for concern. It means that they are already validating your suspicions about the bad aspects of your relationship.

5. You don’t mind spending extra time at work.

You would much rather engross yourself in your work and career than have to deal with your relationship. At least at your job, you know that you are being stimulated in some shape of form. You need that physical or mental activity just to keep yourself from going completely insane.

6. You don’t really talk much when you have dinner together.

And lastly, if you stop having meaningful and deep conversations with one another, then that is a real sign that things are really boring between the both of you.

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