6 Common Reasons Why Men Say No to Being Physical

Why would a man ever say no to having sex with you? Throughout your entire life, you have always been led to believe that men are always going to be up for sex. You always think that men should be ready to go at any time. It’s always the woman who gets to decide when to have sex or not because a man should always be game to do the deed. However, that isn’t always going to be the case. Yes, a vast majority of men are going to be in the mood for sex at any given moment. However, there will be some very rare and specific instances wherein men will have to refuse sex to their women; and there are perfectly reasonable justifications behind these scenarios.

You could be putting on your best lingerie. Your hair and makeup could be on point. You could be showing up at the door of his bedroom wearing practically nothing; but if he’s not in the mood, then he’s not in the mood. Sometimes, a man can be very lost in his thoughts and his feelings. And when these things are proving to be too much of a distraction to him, then he isn’t going to want to have sex with you. It always takes a certain presence of mind for someone to engage in sexual activity. And sometimes, that presence of mind just isn’t going to be there.

1. He suffers from a mental illness like depression or anxiety.

Granted, if he’s really suffering from a severe mental illness like depression or anxiety, then he wouldn’t really be in the right state of mind to have an active sex life with anyone. You shouldn’t take it so personally. He might be dealing with personal demons that you know nothing about; problems that have nothing to do with you.

2. He has depleted testosterone levels.

Believe it or not, testosterone can actually be depleted in a human body. Nothing is unlimited after all. And when it comes to science and mother nature, you’re just never going to be able to cheat it.

3. He may be suffering from erectile dysfunction.

The big problem that a lot of men – especially older ones – face is erectile dysfunction. And maybe he’s just a little shy about his issues and that’s why he doesn’t really want to have sex with you.

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