6 Common Reasons Why People Are Afraid Of Falling In Love

Sometimes, you just can’t seem to bring yourself to really commit to being with someone. You might think that this person could be the one for you, but you’re just too scared to get your hopes up. And it’s unfortunate whenever that’s the case. A lot of people can let their fear of falling in love deprive them of having a happy and healthy life.

And you never want that to be the case. You never want to find yourself living a sad and lonely life just because you are too afraid of putting yourself out there. And part of getting yourself out of that hole is actually recognizing your fears and tackling them head-on. There is no way that you would be able to address your apprehensions if you don’t know what they are.

If you are curious as to why people are typically afraid of falling in love, then you can always refer to this article. The better understanding that you have of peoples’ psyches, then the more equipped you will be to handle these fears should you ever have them in your own life.

So, without much further ado, here are a few common reasons as to why people are typically afraid of falling in love.

1. Fear of having unmet expectations.

It’s normal for people to have expectations going into a relationship. However, these expectations can also serve as setups for disappointment. And a lot of people have an innate fear of not having their expectations met or satisfied. Some people might be too afraid of just being disappointed.

2. Fear of losing one’s self for the sake of a relationship.

It’s very common for people to lose a sense of individuality once they get into a new relationship. And that can be a driving factor when it comes to people who are afraid of losing their freedom and their individuality.

3. Fear of repeating history.

There are a few people out there who will be so traumatized from being in toxic relationships in the past that they don’t want to repeat history ever again. So, they prevent themselves from falling in love so that they don’t have to go down roads that they’ve been through before.

4. Fear of getting hurt.

This might be one of the most common fears that people will have about falling in love. There is a lot of pain to be dealt with when it comes to heartbreak. And that innate fear of pain can often cripple a person into not wanting to pursue love at all.

5. Fear of compromising other relationships.

There are some people out there who are afraid of having to compromise their other relationships for the sake of a romantic one. Obviously, spending more time on one relationship, in particular, can take time away from other friendships or close relationships.

6. Fear of becoming distracted.

Sometimes, when love walks into your life, it isn’t necessarily going to walk into it alone. There might be other opportunities that present themselves to you as well. And that might be troubling for people who are afraid of not being able to make the most out of all the opportunities that are afforded to them.


Yes, it’s okay for you to have these fears. IT’s okay for you to have your apprehensions. It’s okay for you to hesitate. It’s all part of how you are wired as a human being. Self-preservation is a trait that is embedded in your DNA. You never want to put yourself in a position that could potentially destroy you. Fear can be healthy a lot of the time.

However, it can also be destructive. You never want to let fear compromise your sense of being. You never want to allow fear to deprive you of an amazing and beautiful life that you could be living with someone you love. After all, love is the single most beautiful thing that you could ever share with another person in this world.

Understand that love is always going to be a risk. Love isn’t something that is always going to be guaranteed or assured to you. Love isn’t something that you are entitled to. It’s a chance that you’re going to have to take. It’s something that you really have to commit yourself to. It’s something that you really need to put a lot of effort into. And sometimes, things don’t work out.

But you shouldn’t let the fear of failing to keep you from putting yourself out there. Falling in love might not always work out for the best. Falling in love might not always reap the benefits that you would typically want from it. Falling in love might not always turn out the way that you expect it to. But when love works, it’s always going to be worth it.

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