6 Common Reasons Why Strong Women Attract The Worst Guys

A strong woman is usually someone who recognizes her capacity to do wrong and make a few mistakes every now and then. She is someone who understands that she isn’t perfect and that she isn’t always going to do the right thing. And most importantly, she understands just how important it is to rise up and learn from one’s shortcomings to become a better person in the future.

Regardless of whatever mistakes you might make throughout your life, it’s important that you always see them as opportunities for growth and learning. You need to use these experiences of failure to make you harder, better, faster, and stronger in the future.

And if you happen to be a strong woman yourself, you know that you need to end up with a guy who is going to be able to match the strength that you exhibit. You want a guy who isn’t going to be intimidated by you at all.

You dream of being with a guy who doesn’t stand behind you or in front of you. Rather, you want a man who would stand beside you and hold your hand whenever you are in need of reassurance or courage. You want this guy to be able to give you a sense of safety and security whenever the two of you are together. You always want to be with a guy who you know you can fall in love with; a guy who you know you can always believe in.

You never want to be with a guy who would just walk away when things get a little difficult or challenging. You wouldn’t want a guy who would just get crushed underneath all of the pressure and stress brought about by a relationship. You wouldn’t want a man who shies away from stepping up to the plate. You don’t want a man who is going to try to control or manipulate you.

It’s not an easy feat trying to find a guy who would be able to match the level of intensity that your personality brings along with it. However, you still need to make sure that you don’t compromise your standards. You are a woman of valuable worth. And you never want to be subjecting yourself to the mediocrity of lackluster men.

You’re going to have a tendency to become attracted to the wrong guys. And you really need to make an effort to resist that urge. In the end, you’re only going to end up getting disappointed and heartbroken. You might think that you would be strong enough to sustain the relationship on your own merits. But love just doesn’t work that way. It takes two compatible and mature individuals for a relationship to work. And if he can’t give you that, you’re never going to find happiness in your relationship.

And in order to police yourself, you might first want to understand why you’re so drawn to these types of guys, to begin with.

Here are a few reasons as to why you are mostly attracted to the wrong guys:

1. You’re an inherently selfless human being.

You are so selfless. You are always going to choose to see the good in other people. You care about others more than you do yourself. And you can become blind to the destructive nature of the people around you.

2. You are so compassionate.

You are so compassionate to the point that you see these broken men and you think that you would be able to fix them. You treat them like projects instead of prospective romantic partners.

3. Your strength can be intimidating to humble men.

A lot of the men who are actually right for you might be intimidated by your strength at first. Humble men might think that they’re not good enough for you and so it might take them a while to muster up the courage to approach you. But the overconfident douches are always going to think they can land you whenever they want.

4. Your inactivity in romance can make you prone to settling.

You are a naturally impatient person. You always demand perfection, success, and excellence from yourself and the people that you’re with. A bulk of what makes up love is patience. However, you aren’t always so patient because you are so used to getting things done quickly and efficiently.

5. You are so independent to a fault.

Independence is good. However, you are also opening yourself up to a lot of manipulative and abusive people who will want to take advantage of your independence as a woman.

6. You think that you always have a shot at succeeding in anything.

Make no doubt about it: the odds are definitely stacked against you when you get with the wrong guy. But you’ve never been one to play the odds in the past. You have always been confident. But sometimes, overconfidence can lead to heartbreak and devastation.

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