6 Fights You Have With Your Life Partner When You’re An Extremely Straightforward Girl

Here are a few of the most common fights you will have with your boyfriend because of your strong character.

It’s reallydifficult for straightforward women to go about their lives without havingpeople getting intimidated by them. A lot of people will mistake theiraggressiveness for rudeness and poor character. But everyone knows the truth.You don’t really have poor character. You aren’t rude. You’re just an ambitiousgirl who isn’t afraid to go after what she wants. You’re not exactly the typeof person who is just looking to coast. You don’t just wait for good things tohappen for you. You go out and you work for the things that you want in life.You are resilient and you are persistent and that can sometimes rub otherpeople the wrong way.

It really isn’tyour style to just sit around and demand for things to be served to you on thesilver platter. You have big dreams for yourself and you want to be able toearn them. You are also very frank and honest about how you carry yourself.Whenever you feel like people are doing you wrong, you aren’t afraid to speakup. You are definitely not one who shies away from necessary conflict. Youaren’t afraid of confronting people who are stepping on you; who are trying totake away your thunder.

There is aninherent struggle with trying to be a person who is just plain honest andstraightforward. You try your best to be sensitive of the people around you.You try to always watch what you say but you never want to censor yourself forthe sake of other peoples’ feelings. That’s why relationships can be reallydifficult for you. Your boyfriend might not be the kind of guy who is used tohaving such a strong and independent woman going against him all the time.Butting heads is a regular occurrence in the relationship and your boyfriendhas to be willing to put up with that because it’s just a natural aspect ofyour personality.

So if you’regoing to get into a relationship with someone, you have to expect that certainkinds of arguments are going to come your way because of your personality. Hereare a few of the most common fights you will have with your boyfriend becauseof your strong character.

1. The argument where you make rash assumptions.

Sometimes, youraggressiveness can get you into lots of unnecessary trouble. You are the kindof girl who acts impulsively and sometimes, irrationally. You always tend totrust your instincts and you have a tendency to always rush into conclusions.You don’t necessarily even have all the facts straight yet. You haven’t evenheard all sides of the story. You aren’t afraid of confronting people basedentirely on a hunch or a gut feeling.

2. The argument where you’re just a little too honest foryour own good.

Honesty isalways the best policy especially in relationships. The best kinds of couplesare those that don’t keep secrets from one another. They respect their partnerenough to know that they are deserving of the truth. However, one thing thatnot too many people say about honesty is that it should always come with goodtiming. You don’t always have to be completely honest all of the time. Thereare appropriate moments for when the truth should be laid out in the open andyour aggressiveness sometimes drives you into being honest during the mostinopportune of times.

3. The argument where you criticize him for his faults.

It takes a greatman to be able to take criticism. It takes an even greater man to handle beingon the receiving end of criticisms on a regular basis. You just can’t help butcriticize your man because that’s just your personality. You aren’t afraid ofcalling people out on their faults. 

4. The argument where you never relinquish your role as theshot caller in the relationship.

A relationshipis supposed to be like a team. You have to be able to trust each other to makedecisions on behalf the relationship as a whole. However, you have a verydifficult time relinquishing control in the relationship and your man can getfed up. He maybe wants to take the steering wheel every once in a while but youare always reluctant to loosen your grip.

5. The argument where your boyfriend mistakes your need forsocial interaction with flirting.

You are a socialbeing. You always need to be interacting with other people. You like to beheard and you always like expressing yourself. However, sometimes, boyfriendscan misconstrue this desire to interact with other people as a desire to flirtwith other people.

6. The argument where you start criticizing the people hechooses to associate himself with.

He likes hisfriends. That’s why they’re his friends. He hates it whenever you start tellinghim that you don’t like them. It hurts his feelings, in fact. But you justcan’t help it. You are a very picky person and you don’t like being around justanyone. If you see that his friends are bad news, you aren’t afraid of lettinghim know about how you think of them.

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