6 habits all men need to get rid of

Men, do you have these habits?

This article is written by a friend of mine who recently came out of a very painful relationship, she wanted to express a lot of things and I let her do it here. I’m going to hand it over to her now. Be advised, she’s pretty ticked off.

Men, you know you’re far from perfect and you’re also aware of the things that bother her to a certain extent. You’re not supposed to change yourself to her liking, but you need to refrain yourself from doing things that might possibly damage the relationship in some way or the other. And the following things aren’t too much to give up anyway;

  1. Drooling over other women

Even though you think you might be in control of yourself around your girlfriend, but you could be wrong all the same. She notices the slightest of slips. She is painfully aware of how your gaze follows the hottie walking by you. You might not hear her complain about it, but she definitely doesn’t like it. When you’re with her, don’t get sidetracked by anything or anyone. She deserves undivided attention.

  1. Not being comfortable with her having a social life

To have a healthy relationship, you two should be able to be entirely yourselves, have your space and have a life outside the relationship. That would mean her hanging out with her friends, and you hanging out with yours. You wouldn’t want to give up on your night out with the guys, don’t ask her to give up seeing her friends. If you’re going to keep her from seeing her friends, that’d mean she’d be spending more time with you, and you might have to sacrifice a little game time or something. You might not really like that. – Continue reading on next page

  1. Not keeping up with her in bed

Among everything else, you should be able to fulfil her intimate needs as well. You’d want the same from her, so it’s only fair to improve your game. And you might not be particularly pleased with yourself anyway if you fail to satisfy her. You must know what she likes, and how she likes it.

  1. Making her unsure of herself

Women tend to be naturally more concerned with their looks as compared to guys. They constantly need reassurance, mostly from themselves, but at times from other people as well, especially their boyfriends/husbands. And your remarks make all the difference in the world, so be very careful with them. If she has gained a little weight or her haircut makes her look a little weird, don’t make her feel bad about it. You’re with her for more than just her looks, make sure she knows that. – Continue reading on next page

  1. Telling her that she needs to relax

Jealousy always finds a way to creep into a relationship, you just can’t be careful enough. You need to try keeping it at bay nonetheless. She’s not going to be bothered with you having girl friends, but if they try to be anything more than that, she’s definitely going to lose it. You might not have any part to play in the whole thing, but you’ll have to patiently put up with her reaction. You have no reason to be defensive about something you haven’t even done, just let her get it out of her system.

  1. Zoning out

As short as your attention span maybe and as quickly you may grow bored of a conversation, pay attention to what she’s saying. Otherwise, severe consequences await you. Well that’s a bit of a stretch, but you’ll definitely regret it. Not paying attention would mean not giving her enough importance, which would ultimately determine her value in your eyes. You definitely don’t want to go there!

Ladies, time to talk

Have any of these created any problem for you? Or something other than these things? How did you get rid of it? Let me know in the comments below.

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