6 important roles the two of you need to play in your relationship

When we get into a relationship, we take on a lot of roles; voluntarily or involuntarily but we do. Usually these roles come naturally without us even knowing about them, but they do take over. Relationships aren’t a walk in the park, they take a lot of hard work from both sides. These are some of the most important roles the two of you need to play in your relationship. There’s a lot of responsibility here and we need to take those responsibilities, regardless of how much effort they require. Let’s begin.

1. Each other’s Guardians

When we are in love with someone, we protect them with everything we’ve got. We can’t see them in pain and we tend to keep them safe; away from all the trouble in the world with all of our strength. We can’t see them cry, we can’t see them sad. And when someone tries doing anything against them, we stop them with all of our might. That’s a given and we naturally protect our partners in any way we can, because that’s how you define love. – Continue reading on next the page

2. Each other’s best friend

Love is being each other’s best friend. It’s to be able to sit with each other, listen to each other, joke around with each other, hang out with each other like best friends do. Being crazy with each other, showing your weird sides to each other, the things only best friends share. I love my girlfriend more than anything, and one of the reasons I love her so much is that we can both can do or say anything in front of each other without the fear of being judged. That’s how relationships get simple and that’s how they become long-lasting and fun.

3. Each other’s counselor

Always listen to your partner, with willingness and love. Let them know you’re there for them for no matter what. Listen to their problems, listen to their happy moments, they’ll share everything with you because they’re also your best friend and you’ll know everything about them. They’ll come to you for advice. They’ll ask you and involve you regarding every major life decision they take. It’s one of the roles I personally enjoy a lot.В  – Continue reading on next the page

4. Each other’s confidant

Being in a relationship means you will share the darkest secrets with each other. Your partner knows things about you that no one else knows, you trust them with your past and you don’t think twice before telling them something that you wouldn’t even think of telling anyone. That’s where the trust comes from, to be able to tell each other anything and expecting support and understanding in return. Being each other’s confidant will give you an amazing new level of trust.

5. Each other’s teacher

Relationships are all about learning from one another. You teach each other important life lessons, you teach each other a lot about life; some lessons can’t be learned from textbooks. I’ve learned a lot about myself from my girlfriend, I’ve learned how to deal with life, I’ve learned how to be equal with people and be humble with everyone. If we deny to learn, we’re quitting on life. We can never learn enough, every new day is a new life lesson and we have to be open with learning.В  – Continue reading on next the page

6. Each other’s equal

This is the most important one of them all, you need to be each other’s equal. Relationships aren’t about who’s in front, they aren’t about who gets to make the decisions, they are about being even and equal with each other. To give each other the same respect and love, to have the same expectations from one another, to not see down upon one another. Take equal part in each other’s lives.

Your turn

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