6 Lies a Woman Tells Herself When She is Dating a Complete Jacka*s

We all have been through our fair share of consequences, following the bad decisions we made.В I have made a few of my own and now when I look back, I think to myself, what the hell was I thinking?В Was I out of my mind?В Why did I take so much crap?В What I also remember are the things I told myself during this really torturing relationship I had, that made me care for that relationship longer than I should have.

I met a guy 5 years from now, I can still not believe that this guy and the guy at the end of our two years long relationship were the same. He hated when I talked too much, he hated when I was quiet. He hated that I joked with him, he hated that I was serious at times. He hated that I didn’t call him, he hated that I called him too much. He hated that I didn’t care enough to apologise, he hated that I apologised too much.
You see, he hated. He hated everything I did and that happens. Sometimes people just don’t work out. Sometimes they just bring the worst in each other. Not that he was a bad person it’s just that we weren’t good for each other.

I’d be lying if I denied the fact that I wanted the relationship to be over within the first month of it starting but what made me hold on were all the lies I told myself. If I had been smart enough to at least have stayed true to myself, I’d have saved myself a hell lot of tears and torture.

If you have been going through a rough patch for too long, now, and have been telling these to yourself, stop lying!

1. No matter what he says, he loves me

Sometimes it is better to take his words literally, he might just mean them.

2. Oh! I am sure he is angry at something else and acting like this out of frustration

Okay! Even if that is true, you do not deserve to be taking someone’s crap for their bad day. A person has to learn how to deal with his things, separately.

3. Things will get better

You know that gut feeling we always talk about. Your gut doesn’t lie to you, try and listen to it. Stop denying if it tells you things won’t get better. Analyse your relationship realistically, if you can see improvement from the past than there is hope but if you have only seen his behaviour getting worse with time, it is better that you leave now!

4. He cannot cheat on me

He can, anyone can. Don’t turn a blind eye even though you know something is fishy.

5. I can’t live without him

The reality is that we CAN actually survive without anyone. Also, it is just a mind block that you can’t be without them. Stop being scared, trust me, when you get out of that relationship, you will find such great men who would want to date you and that is when you will learn your true worth.

6. I am happy!

This is a delusion in which we keep ourselves to keep us stay distracted from truly realising how bad and hurt we are. We deny the reality and push ourselves to further try and do more for them in the relationship.

Stop lying to your own self because today or a few days from now, the relationship will end, eventually. SO why try and pretend for it to be untrue? Save yourself and your partner the undue hassle and pain.В Sometimes letting someone go really showed how much you respect them and what them to be happy.

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