6 long term ways to effectively break out of the friend zone

The whole best friend to boyfriend/girlfriend thing will make no sense to you until you’re in a messed up situation yourself. You’ll want to tell your best friend that you want to go out with them while at the same time you’re scared that by saying anything to them, you’ll be ruining the friendship you have and you don’t want to make things awkward between the two of you.

You don’t think you’ll be able to handle it if they get awkward and tend to ditch you because things just seem to be too embarrassing. So you wait quietly on the sidelines, waiting for someone to say something, waiting for them to realize that you’re the one they’ve been looking for all their lives.

But sometimes, waiting simply isn’t enough, you need to take action and play a hand in breaking out of the friend zone, here are a couple of tips to help you along.

1. You have to take charge

Make your move, your friend isn’t going to have a revelation one day and then realize that they can give it a shot with you, they need to be hinted at and urged. Just pick up the courage to send them a short text asking to go out sometime, take the conversation towards the possibility of the two of you being a thing and see how they react.

I’m not telling you to sing Taylor Swift’s ˜You Belong with Me’ to your best friend’s face but you need to subtly make them understand that the two of you could be good together.

2. Get introduced to their family

As friends, if you’re already close to your best friends’ family then your friend probably already sees you as a part of their family rather than just a friend and their family won’t even be taken aback at the thought of the two of you together, that will be a hurdle crossed beforehand, making your relationship easier.

3. Have a high level of tolerance

There’s a thin line between friendship and love, and falling in love with your best friend can be extremely painful. You may have to watch them fall in love with so many other people and get their hearts broken multiple times and not be able to do anything but offer them your shoulder to cry on.

You’ll often feel like ripping your heart out, especially at times when they go like, Isn’t there someone out there for me?. You need to be patient and put up a strong front, never letting the frustration get the best of you and making you do something you might regret later on like blurting out how much you love them at the wrong time.

4. Be with them through thick and thin

One day, when they have no one and they’re thinking about whether or not going out with you would be a good idea, they’ll think about all those times you were there for them when no one else was, when no one understood, it was you who did everything and it was you who shared their every happiness and sadness. So it won’t really be something completely absurd for them to see you in a romantic light because why ever not? You care about them enough.

5. Know what they want from life

We all know what our friends want to be and what career they want to pursue etcetera but what we don’t know are those little details, like what they want their future wife to be like, what they’ll hold closest to their heart about their wife, what their views on marriage are, once you have all this information, you can easily mould yourself into exactly what they want, then they’ll have to look at you as more than just a friend.

6. Make sure they know that neither one of you is trapped in the relationship

Since you’re already such good friends with such a deep understanding of each other’s feelings, it would be hard for the both of you to let each other go in case things don’t work out in a relationship because the two of you will feel like you’re hurting the other by stating the obvious. In such cases, you need to make sure beforehand that the both of you know that should things not work out, either one of you can drop out of the relationship and you can pretend that nothing ever happened and go back to how you were before. If even one of you feels trapped in the relationship, you’re done for, so you need to ensure that if you do feel trapped, you tell the other.

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