6 Moments We Mistake For Love

Don’t mistake these moments for love.

Love can bequite the slippery slope. There is no doubt that it is an innate desire for allhuman beings to yearn for love. We are all in constant search for love becausewe know that it grants us the motivation we need to carry on in life. Love iswhat fuels our everyday activities. Love is what enables our passions anddeepest interests. Love is what allows us to go after everything that we wantwith utmost zeal and relentlessness. Love has the power to ignite our souls andbring meaning into our lives.

However, a lotof us can fall victim to being blinded by the idea of love. We have a tendencyto become a little too desperate in our pursuit of love that we end up foolingourselves into thinking that we are already experiencing it even when we reallyaren’t. Our minds end up playing tricks on us. They lead us to believe thatwe’ve found the love that we think we deserve even when there is no love thereat all. We must be very wary of these kinds of situations because they can onlylead to severe disappointments and heartaches.

We shouldn’t beso desperate as a people to look for love. We should accept love as it comesand we should allow it to flow freely within us when it does. We can’t affordto force love in situations where there is none. Love is beyond our control alot of times and we have to be mature enough to accept that fact. We will notbe able to find love in every corner of life, and we must know how to discernthe difference between love and another feeling that looks just like it.

Here are a fewcommon times that people mistake what they’re feeling for love.

1. When you feel very content and comfortable.

When yougenuinely fall in love with someone, of course you’re going to feel verycontent and comfortable in that relationship. There’s no denying that. That’swhy a lot of people will confuse being content and comfortable with being inlove. Just because you are already feeling content and comfortable with anotherperson doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in love with them. One doesn’talways automatically translate to the other.

2. When you feel an uncontrollable attraction to another.

There is a veryfine line between being uncontrollably infatuated by someone and being in love.However, you have to reflect on your feelings. Look deeper and deeper withinyour heart and try to discern how you really feel about the situation. If yourinfatuation and attraction are fueled purely by physical attraction, then it’sprobably not love. When you are genuinely in love with a person, it transcendsmere physical qualities.

3. When you share a lot of things in common with anotherperson.

This is anothercase of one thing that doesn’t automatically translate to another. Just becauseyou share lots of things in common with another person doesn’t necessarily meanthat you are in love with each other. Sure, you could be incredibly compatiblewhich means that you have the potential to establish a deep emotionalconnection with each other. But unless you actually tap into that potential andmake the time to develop it, you aren’t in love just yet. You’re just twopeople who happen to like the same things. – Continue reading on the next page

4. When you are feeling nostalgic about an old flame.

Human beingshave this natural tendency to be nostalgic about the past. This tendency isintensified even more during tough or difficult times. They crave for a memoryof a safe and familiar space, and they will go deep into their minds for areminder of security in their lives. That’s why whenever you’re feelingnostalgic for an ex, it’s often just that: pure nostalgia. It doesn’tnecessarily mean that you are still in love with that person. You just might beobsessed with the idea of a relationship and you’re still clinging to theclosest memory you have of one.

5. When you cling to someone whose validation you seek sodesperately.

We’ve all hadthat one person we try so hard to please and impress. They rarely give us anyattention but when they do, it happens to turn our world upside down. This isanother common instance wherein people mistakenly believe that they are inlove. No you aren’t in love at this moment. You’re just grateful for havingreceived the validation that you have been seeking so desperately.

6. When you establish a connection with someone after feelinglonely for the longest time.

Loneliness canmake people feel incredibly vulnerable. Whenever lonely people get the leastbit of attention from someone, they will feel a deep sense of gratitude andappreciation for that person. Sometimes, this gratitude and appreciation can bemistaken for being in love even though that isn’t necessarily the case. Beingappreciative of someone else’s efforts to be nice to you doesn’t exactly meanthat you’re in love with them. 

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