6 Nonverbal Gestures That Prove Your Partner’s Love For You

They say that actions speak louder than words, right? Or was it a picture that paints a thousand words? Whatever.

In a relationship, words are important. Communication is always going to be important. You and your partner always need to have a solid line of communication between the two of you. You must always make it a point to talk to one another about your fears, apprehensions, plans, feelings, dreams, goals, and random musings. Strong communication habits can really build a strong relationship in the long run.

However, communication, albeit being important, is only one aspect of ensuring the strength and health of a relationship. Sometimes, the love and strength in the relationship can be found in places where no words are involved at all. Keep in mind that sheer attention to detail is always going to be important in making sure that your relationship goes smoothly. And part of paying attention is actually understanding that your partner doesn’t have to be saying a lot of things in order to convey a very important message to you.

They love you… even when they’re not saying it with their words.

If you happen to be the type of person whose love language is very receptive of someone’s physical gestures, then you wouldn’t really have a problem with showing your partner gratitude or appreciation in this regard. However, it might be a problem if you’re the kind of partner who only ever responds to verbal declarations of love and affection. You might end up not noticing all the nonverbal ways that your partner is actually showing and declaring their love for you. And that can result in feelings of hurt and disappointment on both of your parts.

You have to understand that the expression of love isn’t just a verbal or oral one. It’s not something that you merely convey with words. In fact, a lot of people will argue that love is better expressed through sheer action and gestures. And it’s true to a certain extent. There is no value in having a partner who tells you that they love you and yet, they don’t really do anything to show it.

You are always going to want a healthy balance of both. You want a partner who isn’t afraid of talking to you about how they feel about you and the relationship. But you should also want a partner who isn’t afraid of just going the extra mile for you. You should have a partner who doesn’t shy away from making a physical effort to actually be with you and make you feel their love on a deeper level.

Sometimes, a lot of these gestures can get lost in translation. That’s why you always want to be paying attention. And it all starts with you knowing what you need to be looking out for. If your partner is fond of doing these 6 gestures, then you can bet that they’re really in love with you.

1. They are always smiling whenever they are around you.

A smile can be very revealing. You are always able to tell whenever a person is smiling for real or when they’re just faking it. But if you see that they’re genuinely smiling whenever they’re around you, it’s because they’re in love and they genuinely enjoy the time that they get to spend with you.

2. They don’t shy away from getting touchy with you.

This should be pretty self-explanatory. They are comfortable enough with you to want to be touchy with you. They want you to be able to feel their love on a more physical level as opposed to just a verbal one.

3. They get closer to you… literally.

It’s not just a matter of getting emotionally close. They also really do try to get physically close to you. They try to bridge that gap between the two of you whenever you’re together.

4. They look you straight in the eyes whenever you talk.

They don’t really want you to doubt whatever they have to say to you. They want you to feel comfortable enough to trust them. They don’t want to give you any reason to not believe them. And they always want you to feel the sincerity in the way they communicate with you… through their eyes.

5. They only talk to you even when you’re in a large group.

Even when you’re in a large group of people, you always notice that their attention naturally gravitates towards you. You always feel like they only have eyes for you even when they’re surrounded by so many other stimulants. You seem to always have their full attention.

6. They show a willingness to compromise with you.

They try to meet you halfway. They don’t act selfishly anymore. You know that what they’re doing for you and the relationship isn’t exactly something that they want to do, but it’s definitely something that they need to do to make you happy. And you know that they love you when they start putting your own happiness above their own personal desires.

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