6 Real People Reveal What It’s Like To Have An Addiction To Cheating

Relationships are never really designed to be simple or easy. Most mature and experienced individuals are already aware of this fact.

Even the strongest and healthiest of relationships are still going to go through some substantial trials and tribulations. When you choose to become romantically exclusive with someone, that means that you’re going to have to make a few sacrifices and compromises every once in a while.

You’re going to have to sometimes put another person’s needs and interests above your own. You are going to have to make sure that you communicate with someone effectively so that the two of you are always going to be on the same page.

Things aren’t going to go so smoothly in any relationship but that is okay. You are just going to have to weather the storm and fight to stay intimate with your partner. Because when things get tough, that’s when the two of you really need to work together to get through it. If you fail to do so, you risk losing your partner to cheating and infidelity.

But why do people cheat in the first place? Is it really just something that happens “by mistake” and no one really intends to do it? Or are we all just natural-born cheaters who aren’t meant to stick to just one person for an extended period of time?

Well, if you’re curious to find out more, you might want to read on to discover the thoughts of those who are actually self-confessed addicts of cheating. Maybe if you can get to understand the minds of cheaters better, then you might have a better chance at actually fighting off infidelity and unfaithfulness in your own relationships.

1. Mike says that he’s addicted to the idea of exploration and experimentation.

“I don’t necessarily see relationships as a vehicle to form long-lasting bonds and eternal emotional connections. In fact, I might see relationships as opportunities for myself to experiment and explore a little bit. I know that if I just stick to one girl, I will be depriving myself of exploring so many other women.”

2. Kate says that she just can’t get enough of the exhilaration involved with cheating.

“Don’t get me wrong. I know that cheating is bad and that I should stop doing it. I know that I’m hurting so many innocent people with all of my unfaithful ways. But I just can’t seem to help myself. I tell myself that I’m not going to do it. But then, I find myself cheating anyway. There’s just something so appealing about the excitement of sneaking around and being secretive.”

3. Jordan claims that cheating makes the sex even hotter.

“Sure. I get a lot of sex in my relationship. My girlfriend is great in bed. She makes me really happy and she always takes care of my needs. But it’s different when I’m in an affair that is just all about the sex. It’s a different kind of energy and I live off of it. I really do love it. I’m addicted to it and I just can’t get enough. It’s the kind of sex that you wouldn’t be able to emulate in a typical relationship.”

4. Kerry is someone who has a taste for older men.

“I love my boyfriend. He’s great. I know that we’re going to have a really happy life together and I’m really looking forward to the future we share. Well, at least, I know that we’re going to work out. Being with him is the practical thing to do. But I’m not sure it’s what I really want. I want to be with a guy who is much older. There is just something about a mature man that really grinds my loins.”

5. Lance is a closeted homosexual who cheats on his girlfriends with men.

“I know that I break a lot of girls’ hearts by cheating on them with men but it’s just who I really am. I’m not ready to be open and honest about my sexuality. And it’s because of my fears that I end up hurting a lot of girls along the way. I know that it’s wrong but at the end of the day, I’m more afraid of the backlash of the general public than I am with the women I fool into dating me.”

6. Taylor cheats a lot because she is out for revenge.

“I was cheated on in a previous relationship and it almost broke me. It absolutely destroyed me, in fact. And it was because of that experience that I now cheat. I feel like I won’t be able to get over the pain of being cheated on until I am able to pass that pain on to other people.”

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