6 Reasons Why A Strong Woman Is Emotionally Tired

A fierce and strong woman is typically someone who makes life look so easy and simple. She is someone who a lot of people tend to look up to. She is someone who inspires and motivates others to always live life to the fullest. She encourages other people to always capitalize on their opportunities and make the most out of them.

She is the kind of woman who always strives to be the best version of herself – and in turn, she inspires other people to do the same. A strong woman is someone who is a natural caregiver. She is always up for performing her responsibilities properly and dutifully.

She may have a lot on her plate but she’s always going to find a way to juggle all of her priorities. She never allows her worries or troubles in life to overwhelm her. She never lets other people get in the way of her dreams or hold her back. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have their share of weaknesses either. They still feel stress and anxiety.

They are also prone to having toxic thoughts and feelings. And a lot of that is brought about by the pressure they put on themselves to just deal with everything on their own. That is why emotionally strong people also feel tired and exhausted a lot.

And emotional exhaustion isn’t something that you can just turn a blind eye to. It’s not something that you can just overlook. Emotional exhaustion can have some really harmful effects on a person’s psyche if it is left unaddressed or untreated. That emotional exhaustion can cause the drop in productivity in even the strongest people in this life. It can lead to deteriorating levels of intimacy between these people and those who are closest to them.

Yes, strong women are always so amazing at living the lives that they want to live. However, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be addressing any emotional exhaustion that they might be feeling. If you are a strong woman and you are wondering WHY you are so emotionally exhausted all the time, then this article is for you.

You always want to be finding out the triggers of your emotional exhaustion so that you can stay away from them. Here are a few reasons why you are so emotionally exhausted even if you are a strong woman.

1. You don’t really look for emotional security from others.

You aren’t the typical kind of girl who really looks to others for some emotional security. And as a result, you never feel like you can ever really trust other people. You are constantly analyzing the people that you are with. You are always testing them. You can never really feel like you know who a person truly is because you don’t allow yourself to do so.

2. You keep on giving without asking for anything in return.

You are just a natural giver. You never have any problems with giving your entire heart and soul to another person because you know you have so much to offer. And to add on to that, you never ask for anything in return. And that’s the problem. People just typically think that you never need anything because of how much you give.

3. You take all the pain but you keep it inside.

The problem with you always having to exude strength is that you tend to forget that you do have your share of weaknesses. And whenever you do feel any kind of pain inside, you just choose to leave it there. You don’t want to confront it because you think that would give your pain power over you. But keeping your feelings bottled up can be very unhealthy.

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