6 Reasons Why Intelligent People Are Never Happy

Is it true that most intelligent people aren’t that happy?

A home, a happy family and good friends are not everything an intelligent person needs to be happy. For him, being happy is as difficult as a flower to grow without water. He knows the socially acceptable behaviors ad can even fake a smile but cannot ever be truly, heartily happy.

Here’s why:

  1. They Over-Analyze:

It is almost impossible to see through everything and still be happy. Intelligent people over-analyze everything; they weigh the pros and cons of everything around them, every event taking place and judge everything quietly which results in their unhappy nature.

There is really no end-point to the mind walks they take; one thing leads to another and the cycle is not pleasant since the path they walk on is full of negativity and disappointments. They understand better than everyone how bad a place this world is and matters of condemnation touch them more than anyone. To be intelligent means to look for answers and not finding answers can lead to lack of happiness.

The act of over analyzing can be draining; it exhausts you and makes you hopeless especially when the analysis leads to no good answer.

  1. Things Are Not The Way They Want Them To Be:

Intelligent people have a better understanding of everything which helps them assume the optimum solution or condition for a particular matter. When that optimum condition is not achieved by the average people around them, it leaves them disappointed.

Everything around them feels under-worked and nothing meets their high standards. Even if it a person they are supposed to like, they will never truly like them until they meet their high standards of functionality and every other factor that counts.В – Continue reading on the next page

A major reason for an intelligent person to be unhappy is the imperfection they see around them. They do learn to settle for less but never accept it by heart. Their idealistic views are not agreed with by their fellow humans; it naturally makes them sad.

  1. Self-Analysis:

An intelligent person is likely to have a somewhat low self-esteem and only a little pride. It is because they judge themselves too hard. Besides everything else, they over-analyze themselves and try to meet the standards they have set for themselves but when they fail to meet those standards is when the boat named happiness drowns.

They are good at differentiating between good and bad and even if it their own traits and qualities, they will not favor any bad qualities and walk with them. Accepting a bitter truth about ourselves is bound to make us unhappy.

For these people, there is a lot of work to be done and they find life to be too short for everything to be done. Thinking beyond life is another reason for never being truly happy.

  1. There Is Always More:

There is no limit to the standards intelligent people set for themselves. If or when they have achieved something they worked for, their mind wanders off to something bigger. Limits can never be set to their minds; achieving a purpose never makes them as happy as it would an average person.

They are ready to question everything; if you jump into their minds, you will only see huge question marks and ongoing logics floating in the air, there will be no space to breathe and relax.

There is always more for them and always another possible answer. What if what just happened was not supposed to happen and I just disturbed the pattern the world was supposed to follow? What if our existence is all a big mistake?В – Continue reading on the next page

  1. Nobody Understands Them:

A major source of happiness is human contact. Our burdens and worries are less felt when shared with the right people; talking to someone who understands us helps our mood. For people with high IQs, it is difficult to find someone who understands with depth what really goes on in their mind. They never find a person who is able to share with them their questions and help them find the answers. Intelligent people find it difficult to socialize because of their disinterest in small talk.

Gossips and weekend plans are not their things; meaningful conversations and a thoughtful ponder with the right person would probably make them happy. But finding such a friend is not an easy job. Even if intelligent people do not feel the need of socializing, yet a friend like that wouldn’t hurt.

  1. Smartness Is Related To Psychological Issues:

Not every smart person has a psychological disorder but they are likely to grow one. Their analysis of everything can lead them to analyze life and death. Their questions can take them to places where it is not healthy to go. Existential depression and social anxiety are the two most common problems with people of high IQs.The human mind is complex and not yet completely understood but over-thinking and isolation can be termed as unhealthy from what we know.

Happiness can either be pursued or be created; it is not something you run after. For an intelligent mind, all three options don’t seem to work.

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