6 Secrets To Getting A Man To Become Addicted To You

Don’t be so naïve so as to think that the only way to get a man to be addicted to you is to give him constant pleasures every night in back. A man is much more than just a sexual animal; there is more than meets the eye. You have to remember that a man is a complex creature and there are many ways in which you can arouse his interests in you.

You don’t always have to be presenting yourself as a mere object of sexual pleasure. You can get a man addicted to you by really tapping into his feelings and emotions.

You can get a man to be addicted to you by knowing which buttons you need to be pushing. Of course, you wouldn’t want your man to obsess over you in an unhealthy manner. You wouldn’t want to be the only thing that comprises his whole life, for instance. But it’s always nice to be in a relationship with someone who you know is always going to prioritize you; someone who is always going to put you first. It’s always nice to know that you’re falling in love with someone whose full attention you can always demand because of your sheer existence.

No, you wouldn’t want a man to be obsessed with you in a creepy manner. But you wouldn’t want a man who isn’t addicted to you on a certain level either. You want someone who is going to chase after you; someone who really understands your value to his life so that he doesn’t end up taking you for granted. But how exactly do you do that? Doesn’t the decision ultimately lie with him as to whether or not he’s going to obsess over you? Well, that is true. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be doing your part in grabbing and keeping his attention.

There are certain secrets and tips that you can make use of to make sure that you are the center of his universe. If you practice the things that are listed here, then you are putting yourself in the best possible position to be the center of his world.

1. Don’t give him everything in the first meeting.

Of course, you can’t give him everything right away if you expect to keep him chasing after you. Be a puzzle that he has to solve. Be a riddle that he has to figure out. Be a maze that he has to work his way through. Give him just a little bit to make him interested, but keep lots of yourself to yourself. Keep it locked away. Save it for future meetings. Give him an excuse to chase after you and see you over and over again.

2. Allow him to slowly reveal himself to you as well.

Let him trust you. Show him that you’re a person he can really rely on if he needs someone to talk to. Let him reveal his true self to you bit by bit. In you, he’s going to find comfort and security.

3. Give him the challenge to work towards.

Guys always love the thrill of the chase. You have to make him feel like he’s working towards something. You have to make him feel like he has to EARN you. If you make it too easy for him, it’s going to bore him. He’s going to feel like he doesn’t deserve you. But if you make yourself a little hard-to-get, then you’re going to get him hooked on trying to win you over.

4. Do new things every time you’re together.

If you keep seeing him in the same setting; and if you keep doing the same things over and over again, he’s going to get bored. Maintain his interests in you by constantly mixing it up. Show him that there are many layers to your personality and that you are adaptable. Show him that the more he hangs out with you, the more he’s going to learn from you.

5. Give yourselves some time and spaced apart.

Make him miss you. Don’t make it seem like you’re constantly making yourself available to him. Don’t be spending ALL of your time with him. Give him the chance to crave for your company. Give him the chance to miss you. It’s going to make him appreciate whatever time he can get with you even more.

6. Allow him to see your vulnerable side.

Show him that you trust him. Guys always like to be made to feel like they are people of value. Fluff up his ego by letting him feel that trust that you’re giving him. Open yourself up to him. Let yourself become vulnerable in front of him; and in turn, he’s going to grow and trust you as well. He’s going to rely on you. And he’s going to live up to whatever image you want him to live up to. He’s going to try his best to see the man that he thinks you really see him as.

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