6 Signs He’s Lost Feelings For You & He’s Not That Into You Anymore

Are you worried because your partner’s behavior has changed, and you’re unsure if he’s still interested in you? It can be confusing when things seemed fine, and then suddenly, he’s acting differently. In this article, we’ll explore the signs that might indicate he’s losing feelings for you and other possible reasons for his behavior.

1. It just doesn’t feel right anymore

Most women have a good sense of when a man is losing interest in them. Women tend to be more in touch with their emotions. You might feel like something’s wrong because he’s not as close when you’re together, and his messages are less warm. You’re likely talking to your friends about it. Your gut feeling is telling you that he’s losing interest or that something’s not right. It’s usually clear when a man really likes you, but when he doesn’t, he can act unsure, indecisive, and distant, which makes you feel uneasy in your stomach.

2. He doesn’t seem to be engaging in conversations with you like he used to

He used to enjoy talking to you, paying attention to details, and caring about your problems. But now, he’s different. He doesn’t listen much and doesn’t help like he used to. This is a big sign he might be losing interest. When a guy likes a girl, he usually talks, makes her laugh, and listens, even if he’s nervous. He wants to impress her. So, if he’s not doing these things anymore, it’s a sign he might not be as interested as before.

3. His body language seems more closed

When a guy likes you and feels at ease, his body language is open – he’ll face you, lean in, and may even playfully touch you. But if he’s not interested anymore, his body language becomes closed – he’ll turn away, fold his arms, avoid eye contact, and keep his distance. These signs are easy to spot and can give you a feeling that something’s off. Another sign is if he stops flirting and teasing you; he may seem emotionally and physically distant.

4. He has only suddenly realized that he is not attracted to you

Sometimes, guys can lose interest, especially if they enjoy the excitement of pursuing someone, but once they have you, that thrill fades. If you’ve just started dating, and he’s acting distant, it could mean he’s no longer interested. It might be tough to hear, but some men struggle to communicate their feelings and might choose to act distant rather than openly express their disinterest to avoid hurting your feelings.

5. It’s a one-sided relationship

Do you often feel like you’re doing most of the work in your relationship and not getting much in return? That’s a sign of a “one-sided relationship” where you’re putting in more effort than your partner. It’s like you’re initiating everything, like texting, planning, and showing your feelings, while they’re not doing the same. This could mean they’re not as interested as you are. If this sounds familiar, it means you care more about the relationship than they do.

6. He doesn’t care when you talk about other guys

If you think he’s losing interest, you might try to make him jealous by talking about other guys you’ve been with, and it can actually work. But if he doesn’t seem to care or even says positive things like, “That’s great! He’s a nice guy,” it’s not a good sign. Jealousy is a strong feeling, especially for men who are naturally competitive. So, if he’s not showing any jealousy, it could mean he’s just not interested anymore.

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