6 Signs – Your Life partner is cheating on you

Relationships demand sincerity and loyalty. Partners need to develop a mutual trusting bond to make their relationship healthy. The foundations of a successful relationship are always based on trust and faith between the partners. However, many a times one of the partners just fell prey of infidelity. The concept of ˜cheating your significant other’ is not that simple as it used to be a few decades ago. With the advent of the internet and social media, the term ˜cheating’ has become more complex. Some time back cheating on your partner literally meant to be involved in a physical sexual relationship with someone else. But now, cheating on your partner’ is a much broader term. Today, cheating on your partner may involve a lot of undesirable and unacceptable acts.

Cheating may involve all or some of these acts: flirting on social media, hooking up to sex via dating sites, looking at porn, involvement in ˜friend finder’ apps, watching strippers, involvement in illicit acts and behavior with opposite gender via the internet, being in touch with prostitutes through websites, being involved in romantic/physical relation with opposite or same gender etc. Sadly, most of the time the cheating partner doesn’t realize what damage he or she is causing to the other one who is being cheated on. Many cheating partners claim that there is no harm in such cheating acts, as long their significant other is unaware of their cheating activities. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that sooner or later their partner will feel the emotional and physical change that is the result of these infidelity activities. There can be a number of reasons to get involved in romantic or sexual involvements outside one’s committed relationship. The cheating partners break their vow of monogamy due to various reasons. Let’s have a look at all possible motives that make partners get involved in unfaithful activities:

6. Your Life Partner Is A Liar

Your partner never, ever wanted to be in a monogamous relation. Though he/she committed but that was just a lie. That person just cannot stay loyal to any one person. They cannot accept the idea of monogamy by heart and believe it’s just not right to stay bound to only one person throughout life. If that is the case with your partner, you need not to blame yourself for anything. Either you have to accept them the way they are or to be better off just break free from this liar.

5. Your Life Partner Is Confusing Lust With Love

Your partner may be taking the lust of sexual encounter as love. They may be confused about the real meaning of love.В  There is a chance that your partner is not aware of the fact that committed long-term relationships are built on trust and honesty along with physical intimacy. If you feel that your partner is physically attracted to opposite sex and is involved in activities out of your relationship, you need to talk. Ask him what is his idea of love and relationship and if it is contrary to yours then act accordingly.

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