6 Signs Showing You Are Having Trust Issues

Trust is the crux of any relationship. Whether you have a long-term loving relationship or you have just stepped into a commitment with your partner, trust has a key role to play.

Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair. This statement is so true. Trust is the basic criteria for a healthy and successful relationship. But once our trust is broken our relationship can never be the same with our partner.

Those of us who have experienced deception and betrayal in their past life will definitely have trust issues. Our wounded hearts won’t let us get anymore of hurt from anyone. If we have unresolved issues from our past experiences or ex relationships we might get into trouble with our recent partners. Trust issues are for sure one of the leading causes of broken homes and ruined relationships.

Do you feel that there have been too many arguments, fights and tensions between you and your partner? If this is the case you need to find out the main reason. From my experience I have learnt that many couples have problems in their relationships because one of the partners has trust issues. Here are some of the signs of having Trust Issues. Go through this list and gauge yourself, are you the one who is having trust issues?

1. You Check Your Partners’ Phone

One of the most clear-cut sign of having trust issues is that you always feel the urge to check on your partner’s cell phone. You go through his/her messages, recent calls, contact lists, Whatsapp records etc. Hence you are just trying to find anything with which you can catch him/her.

And if you find a password lock on their phone you instantly start a heated argument. This is nothing but your own insecurities that are ruining your relationship.

This doesn’t end here. If you don’t find anything fishy in their phone records this makes you even more suspicious. You are constantly thinking that your partner must have deleted his/her messages and calls and you keep on torturing yourself with all these negative thoughts. – Continue reading on next page

2. You Always Think Of Worst Case Scenario

You almost always have a negative approach towards things. If your partner is late from office, you immediately jump to conclusion that he is cheating on you. Or if they by chance missed your call you will accuse them of sneaking around.

Such negative approach is a definite indicator that you are having trust issues. You don’t miss out any chance to assume the worst case scenario about your relationship.

3. You Stalk Them On Social Media

You stalk their every activity and interaction on social media; from checking their Facebook account, to scrolling their Instagram pages to checking their every tweet. You are all the time after them in their real life and also in their virtual life.

And the worst part is you don’t stop here you accuse them of flirting for just liking someone’s status or picture. Come on don’t be so paranoid. Don’t you have anyone in your friends list that belongs to the opposite gender? Act maturely and rationally.В – Continue reading on next page

4. You Keep On Testing Your Partner

Worst thing you can do to them and to your relationship is to keep on testing them time and again. The right time to test your partner was before entering into a relationship with him/her. Once you have started your committed relationship with your partner don’t test their fortitude.

If you keep on pushing a person to his/her limits they will eventually break off.

5. You Don’t Give Them Private Space

Your partner wants to hang out with friends but you never like this idea. It’s not that you want them close to you all the time. The main reason is that you just don’t want them to hang around anywhere you can’t keep your eyes on them.

Everyone needs some space. For growth of a person, healthy socializing is a must. If you will deprive your partner from his/her social life and restrict them from interacting with family and friends you will just drive them crazy.В – Continue reading on next page

6. You Are Constantly Digging Their Past Relationships

It is never a good idea to bring past relationships into your discussions. But you do it consciously. You still want to see the look on your partner’s face when they take their Ex’s name. You still want to listen how they feel about their past relationship.

You know the names and whereabouts of your partner’s ex and you are stalking them also on social media etc. Such acts are true signs of being insecure and having trust issues. Don’t indulge yourself into such acts that will only cause trouble for your relationship.

Relationships demand love and trust. When you enter a relationship make sure you have healed from your past wounds and feel ready to give your 100 % to this relation.

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