6 Signs Showing You Are NOT Ready For A Relationship

˜I want to be in a relationship’.

˜I have been waiting for so long to be in a relationship”.

If any of these ideas are buzzing in your head, I would suggest you to give yourself a moment and ask yourself the real question;

˜Am I really ready to be in a relationship?’

There is a difference, and a hell of a difference. Wanting to be in a relationship with some or being actually ready for a relationship are two totally different things. There are many people who just jump into relationships without realising the demands and obligations attached with a relationship. By that time, many partners realise that they aren’t actually prepared for a real commitment, they find themselves already ˜fixed’ in a relationship’.

Relationships demand commitment, dedication and loyalty. We have some red flag signs that show that a person is not ready for a real relationship. If you find yourself with any of these signs then you might need to work upon yourself before going into a committed relationship.

6. You Are Too Possessive

Don’t act as if you own your partner. If you are too possessive in nature and your idea of being in a relationship is that you will own your partner’s life, then you need to rethink. Over possessiveness can just lead to conflicts.

5. You Are Too Busy

Relationships demand commitment and dedicated time. If you are too busy with your new job or your business ventures then just drop the idea of getting into a relationship for the time being. And if you are taking up a relationship during your leisure time, in your busy schedule, then relationships are a big ˜NO’ for you.

4. Your Friends Are Your Priority

Intimate relations might demand letting go of some of your social commitments. If you think that your friends are a top priority and you cannot change your socialising routine even after the relationship’s commitment, then you need more time to get into a mature relationship.

3. Complaining Attitude

Observe your behaviour and attitude. Are you a whiner or a fixer? If you are the one who is complaining all the time about things going wrong then you cannot handle the demands of a relationship. You definitely need to change your attitude and grow more mature before proceeding for a relationship.

2. You Are Yet Not Over Your Ex

If that is the case, you need more time for sure. Don’t look for a relationship just to change your status. Getting over past relationships is difficult and it requires time. Give yourself time to adjust and to come over your emotional baggage. Don’t push yourself into a relationship just for the sake of it.

1. You Have Trust Issues

Just because your Ex has cheated on you, doesn’t mean you cannot trust anyone anymore. Or due to some family issues, you are having a hard time trusting others. If you are facing this then you need to change your thinking because trust is the basic foundation for any relationship.В 

Talk To US:

  • If you are facing any of these warning signs, go back and work on them.
  • What other warning signs can disqualify you for entering into a relationship?

And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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