6 Signs That You Are Too Addicted To Your Relationship

Are you addicted to your relationship?

Addiction is a dangerous path to a place we should never want to visit. It would be in our best interests to always try and avoid getting addicted to anything at all. But the trouble with that is that addiction can manifest itself in so many ways.

And a lot of people will be in denial about the things that they’re addicted to even though all of the signs are there to see. Whenever you find out that you are exhibiting addictive behavior, you should make it a point to try and correct that facet of your personality. You don’t want to let anything consume your mind and eventually take over your entire life just because you let the addiction get a little too out of hand.

And again, it’s important for you to remember that addiction can take its shape in various forms. Addiction doesn’t always have to pertain to one’s obsession to drugs, money, alcohol, or sex. It’s also possible for people to become addicted to their relationships. And whenever that happens, it’s important for you to acknowledge your addiction and work your way towards recovery.

You can never allow yourself to get caught up in an addictive relationship. You will risk your own personal mental health and you also risk compromising the strength of your relationship. When you become addicted to your relationship, you will have a tendency to let this relationship consume your life. You will forget who you are as an individual and you will get too caught up in your relationship. You will forget all about forming an individual life that you can actually call your own and be proud of. You might end up letting go of your personal goals and dreams. When that happens, your entire sense of self will heavily rely on the state of your relationship.

In addition to that, becoming too addicted to your relationship also isn’t going to turn out well for your love story. When you become addicted to something, you will want to smother that thing to the point where it is unhealthy. You don’t want to suffocate your relationship to the point of exhaustion and eventual demise. You have to be able to give it the space and freedom it needs to breathe and grow in a natural manner.

So that’s why it’s very important for you to always stray away from becoming too addicted to your relationships. But how do you know that you’re actually stuck in an addictive relationship? How do you know that you are exhibiting symptoms of a person who is addicted to a relationship? Well, there are some signs that you can keep an eye out for. If you find that you are guilty of a lot of the items that are listed on here, then you better make the necessary adjustments to make sure that you don’t end up losing both yourself and your relationship in the end.

1. Your sense of happiness is purely dependent on your partner.

You are too addicted to your relationship when you think that happiness is a virtual impossibility if you’re not in it. Your sense of happiness should never have to depend on whether you’re in a relationship or not. It should be able to transcend that.

2. You have difficulty asking your partner for space or freedom.

You know that you can’t do things alone and you feel like you wouldn’t be able to function properly if you’re not with your partner. It would be too weird or disorienting for you to be apart from one another.

3. You treat your partner like your own personal little science project.

You get a little too addicted to your partner and your relationship when you start treating your partner like a science project. You obsess over every single detail that you want to control instead of doing the healthy thing by just accepting your partner wholeheartedly.

4. You feel constant anxiety or stress at the thought of your relationship ending.

You fear the idea of your relationship ending so much that you practically get anxiety attacks at the mere thought of it. You would never want your relationship to end because you wouldn’t know how you would be able to cope with not being with your partner.

5. You don’t have any special hobbies or interests for yourself.

Of course, it’s great for your relationship whenever you have shared hobbies or interests that you can use to bring you closer to one another. But you also need some individual hobbies and passions for yourself. That’s the only way you can really establish your sense of identity outside of the relationship.

6. You are stagnating in terms of your career.

You let being caught up in your relationship negatively affect the other aspects of your life. You are performing terribly at work because so much of your time and energy is dedicated to sustaining the relationship that you’re hooked on.

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