6 Signs That Your Girl Is Cheating On You

All of us always want to be confident in the people that we are with. We always want to trust them to a point that we know that they would never betray us and cheat on us. However, cheating still does happen and it’s very much rampant in today’s world. You might be afraid to discover that your worst nightmare has come to life – the woman that you love most in this world has cheated on you and has broken your heart.

A lot of times, women typically aren’t the ones who are assumed to be unfaithful in relationships. However, according to the findings of numerous studies, women still engage in infidelity at an alarming rate. But how can you really tell that your girl is cheating on you and what drove her to be unfaithful in the first place? Well, read on until the end of this article to find out more.

Women are mostly considered to be the more faithful gender in relationships. But the truth is that infidelity is something that can be found on both sides of the gender scale. Studies have shown that at least half of women actually cheat on their husbands. Men are often known to be polygamous by nature and that’s what mostly explains their unfaithfulness and infidelity. But the truth is that women are just prone to cheating in relationships.

However, the reasons can vary from case to case. Men are mostly guided by their primal instincts and their desires for fresh and new experiences, women are typically pushed to cheat as a result of their general unhappiness and discontent. Studies have confirmed that women have a tendency to cheat impulsively and spontaneously.

Why do women cheat in the first place?

1.  They can often feel like there is a lack of attention in their relationships. Perhaps the men that they are with are constantly distracted and their attention is divided. This can leave a woman feeling underappreciated and undervalued.

2.. Another reason a woman can cheat is that she feels unfulfilled in her sex life. This is especially true if she’s with a guy who is selfish in the sack; someone who is only ever looking to give himself a good time.

3. Poor self-esteem can also be tied to a lot of women who decide to cheat on their men. Sex is an activity that is just as much emotional as it is physical for a lot of women. Plenty of women turn to sex as a kind of confidence booster – especially when it’s sex from someone they’re not in a relationship with.

4. Revenge is also a key driving factor in infidelity among women. Maybe a guy has done something so dire to his woman in a relationship to the point that she has vengeance on her mind. A lot of times, a woman who gets cheated on will resort to cheating on her man as a form of revenge.

5. A lack of emotional intimacy in a relationship can also be troubling for plenty of women. And when they can’t get that intimacy from the men that they are with, they will seek intimacy from other sources.

6. And some women will be so unhappy in a relationship but be too afraid to actually do anything about it. They will not want to be the ones who call it quits on the relationship. They are too scared to break up with their men. And so, they engage in some kind of self-sabotage by actually cheating on their guys.

What are the signs that your girl is cheating on you?

1. She goes out of her way to avoid spending time with your friends and family. It’s because she’s really guilty about what she’s doing to you. And she doesn’t want the people in your life to see that guilt on her face.

2. She finds ways to constantly criticize you. She is always highlighting your flaws. She’s always trying to make you feel bad about who you are. But the truth is that she’s just trying to justify her unfaithfulness by reassuring herself of the many bad things about you.

3. She has a new mysterious man in her life. She mentions him casually but she doesn’t really like to go into too much detail about him.

4.  She doesn’t really answer your questions. She doesn’t feel the need to really explain herself to you. She is dodging your questions because she just doesn’t want to get caught in her own li.

5. She’s becoming more and more detached and uninvested in the relationship. She seems completely apathetic to you and the relationship. She isn’t putting as much effort into your love as she used to do.

6. She hides her phone a lot from you because she knows that you’re going to be able to find some pretty damning evidence in there.


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