6 Signs That Your Partner Hasn’t Moved On From Their Ex

Your partner might actually still be pining over an old flame and you always want to make sure that that isn’t the case.

If you have ever been on a date with someone who was only recently single or who was still trying to get over an ex, then you would know that it’s a really different kind of experience.

It’s always important that if you get into a new relationship, you should have as close to a blank slate as possible. You never want to be carrying the emotional baggage of a previous relationship into a current one. You want to make sure that you don’t have any of that emotional weight to bog you down when you’re meeting someone new.

And you especially want to make sure that your partner is the same way as well. That’s why you want to stay vigilant of the signs that your partner might have a few skeletons in the closet. You want to make sure that you aren’t with someone who is still hung up over someone else. You want to make sure that you both are starting off relatively fresh.

So stay vigilant. Stay on top of things in your relationship. You can’t let your love and your feelings blind you from the reality of your relationship. You can’t let your emotions compromise your better judgment. If you know that the person that you’re with hasn’t really moved on from their ex just yet, then you need to call them out on it. You can’t just ignore that. You can’t just sweep it under the rug.

You need to address these unresolved issues if you want any chance at a future for the two of you. So, if you notice a lot of these signs in your partner, then it’s likely that they haven’t really moved from their ex.

1. They always bring up their exes in conversations.

Somehow, they always bring up their exes during your conversations. It doesn’t matter what you are talking about. They will find a way to inject the topic of their ex into the discussion. They will always bring things back to that topic.

2. They complain about their exes to you.

They always complain about their exes to you. And even though that might be a good sign that they carry so much hatred for their ex, it isn’t. They shouldn’t be carrying any significant feelings for their ex at all – whether positive or negative. The fact that they still feel something means that they haven’t moved on yet.

3. They still have their exes plastered all over their social media timelines.

They still have their ex’s faces plastered all over their social media profiles. It’s like their social media pages are practically tributes to the failed relationship that they have. And that’s always a bad sign. It shows that they haven’t really turned a new page just yet.

4. They try to ask you if you are over your ex.

Why else would they be asking you this question? They obviously haven’t gotten over their ex yet and they’re wondering if it’s the same with you. They feel guilty about it and they want to know if this is actually normal behavior.

5. They want to rush through the various stages of the relationship.

They will rush you through various stages in the relationship. They will pressure you into actually committing to them because they will want immediate security.

6. They will just not stop talking about their ex.

You will find yourself at a point in the middle of a date wherein you will just want to get up and take an exit from the entire thing. Instead of feeling like a partner, you will just feel like a therapist listening to someone talk about certain feelings that they have for their ex. You will just try to work your way through listening to someone talk about their former flame – and that’s not what a relationship should be like.

You will feel like you were even a part of that relationship with all the details that you know surrounding their romance. You might find yourself wishing that they would just shut up already when they bring up their ex again.

Honestly, you would be able to tell right away based on how they are handling the date if they are ready to move on to a new relationship or if they’re still somewhat stuck in the past. It’s going to be very frustrating on your part. But it’s really going to make for a great lesson moving forward.

And the moment that you get that kind of vibe from them, then you need to make sure to do something about it. Either call them out on it or just completely excuse yourself from the entire situation altogether.

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