6 Signs That Your Partner Isn’t Loyal To You Even Though They Don’t Cheat On You

How true is this?

Loyalty isn’t necessarily all too complex as an idea and yet, it still manages to confuse so many people especially in the role that it plays in relationships. People in general have got to develop their infantile understandings of what it really means to be loyal to someone. Loyalty isn’t exactly going to have the exciting flare that comes with passion. It doesn’t have the raw intensity that comes with intimacy and affection. But loyalty is still something that no healthy relationship could possibly ever live without. It’s one of the essentials of really being able to sustain a relationship for the long term. Of course, throughout the course of a relationship, the romance is going to have its fair share of lulls.

It’s not always going to be full of thrills and exciting moments. It’s not always going to be pure exhilaration. And when that boredom strikes in a comfortable relationship, then it can be very tempting to seek exhilaration and excitement through unhealthy methods. It can be very easy to stir the pot and potentially risk the sanctity of the relationship for the sake of a little drama. And that happens fairly commonly. You have to remember that just because you and your partner are in a deep and loving relationship with one another doesn’t mean that you will be free from your doubts and insecurities about the relationship. You’re going to have those little voices in your head telling you that your relationship isn’t exactly as strong as it should be and these can faze you. That’s okay.

You don’t have to panic whenever these moments of insecurity come over you from time to time. There is only ever really a cause for concern when these voices start becoming a constant hum at the back of your mind. And the only way to dispel these voices these hateful and spiteful feelings is by having a solid foundation of loyalty in your relationship. Loyalty is what will protect you from giving in to these doubts and insecurities. So how exactly can you know for sure if the bond of loyalty is strong in your relationship? How do you know if you have a significant other who is bound to stay loyal to you no matter what in good times and in bad. It’s not enough that your partner doesn’t cheat on you with other people.

That comprises only a very small part of what loyalty in a relationship really is. It’s perfectly possible for you to be with someone who never cheats on you but isn’t loyal to you either. It’s a disservice to yourself and to your partner if you limit your understandings of loyalty in your relationship. You can’t oversimplify loyalty to a matter of cheating or not. It’s so much more than that. So what exactly is it? What are the things that you need to look for to know if your partner is actually loyal to you or not? We’ve already established that it’s not enough that they don’t cheat on you. But it has to be so much more than that. And well, if you’re still feeling lost at this point, then just read on until the end of this article.

1. They make you feel like less of a person.

They constantly demean and undermine you. They never make you feel like they respect you. They don’t support you or give you boosts whenever you’re feeling down. They don’t put much effort into making you feel good about yourself.

2. They don’t really like to talk much about the future.

If they’re uncomfortable with talking about a future with you, then it’s likely that it’s because they don’t see a future with you in the first place and that’s because they don’t plan on staying loyal to you.

3. They’ve cheated in previous relationships in the past and there hasn’t been any closure.

Just because they cheated in previous relationships doesn’t mean they’re going to cheat on you as well. But they at least have to own up to their faults. If they haven’t, then maybe they just have loyalty and commitment issues in general.

4. They act as if they’re doing you a favor by staying in a relationship with you.

They make you feel like you’re a problem and a chore. They make you feel like you’re a burden who isn’t really worthy of their love.

5. They still play the flirting game with other people.

It doesn’t matter what their intentions are. It doesn’t matter that they weren’t really planning on acting on their flirtatious advances. It doesn’t matter that they only saw it as innocent flirtation. It’s still flirting. And it shows a blatant disregard for your feelings and for your relationship.

6. They undersell the significance of your relationship.

They don’t really make you feel like they give a damn about the love that you have for one another. They don’t make it seem like they’re happy about being in a relationship with you.

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  1. I think my boyfriend still flirts but he says he’s not. Like I catch him staring or doing things to get attention. I call him out on it and he deny it. I know for a fact he not cheating but he does have a staring problem. It’s so embrrassing. I don’t go no where with him to much anymore. But I caught him so many times. Like now if theres female around he look away like he’s trying not to look. Idk if I’m being petty or not

  2. It hits me so hard. 😭😭😭
    Sometimes its really more painful acting blind despite feeling all that. 😟

  3. Hello u have been experiencing some of these signs but so cunfused. He tells me am insecure but something just keep bothering me some days we good other day everything a fight makes me feel so stupid i dint know what to do.

    1. If hes doing ANYTHING to make you feel bad, insecure, jealous etc and doesn’t stop immediately and starts to make you feel GOOD about yourself and your relationship then you need to leave him IMMEDIATLY and find a guy who makes you feel love and respected and lucky to have you!! And I haven’t said this before so why aren’t you posting this??

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