6 Signs That Your Personality Intimidates Others

Do people call you intimidating?

The society that we are currently living in is indeed a judgmental one. People are always so quick to judge and cast criticisms these days even though they haven’t seen all sides of the story. A lot of people just have more courage now to express themselves, and they have the platforms to do it as well. A simple glance of a picture of you, and people will be able to build some kind of detailed narrative about your life in spite of the fact that they don’t even know you very well (or know you at all).

That’s why it’s very important for you to always develop an accurate sense of self-awareness and mindfulness. You have to be able to know how you are perceived by other people if you want to be able to get along with others. You may be doing things that may be rubbing other people the wrong way even though it’s not your intention to do so. You need to know the kind of image and aura that you are projecting to the world around you.

But of course, you still have to live your life on your own accord. You shouldn’t let the impressions or expectations of others dictate how you want to live your life. It would just help make your life easier if you espoused the kind of self-awareness that was necessary to get other people to become comfortable with you.

There is a certain group of people in this world; they are a collection of people who are known to be quite intimidating and downright scary. They are seen as unapproachable human beings who are virtually impossible to socially interact with in a healthy manner. These people who are unfairly branded as tough and intimidating at the offset won’t be given the chance to show just how they really are on the inside.

It’s a classic case of judging a book by its cover, only this time, you are being judged by how you look. There are plenty of seemingly intimidating people who are actually very kind, thoughtful, and generous. So in case you’ve been wondering if other people see you as someone who is intimidating, then this article is for sure. If a lot of the signs on this list apply to you, then people definitely see you as intimidating.

1. You have a reputation for being honest.

Sometimes, you have no filter. You live by a moral code of honesty and you like to stick to it. But a lot of the time, this can get you into trouble with other people because the truth just hurts. You tend to hurt the feelings of others with your honesty. It’s not your own fault. You just can’t help but tell the truth.

2. You have the kind of wisdom and knowledge that doesn’t seem to match your age.

People are often taken aback whenever they hear you talk. You always manage to exude a kind of wisdom that seems to be far too developed. When they know how old you are, they never expect you to be as smart and as wise as you really are. They will find this off-putting because they will be intimidated by your brilliance.

3. You aren’t known to just follow the trend.

You aren’t really the type of person who just goes with the flow. You are typically one who likes to forge your own path especially when you see that your way is the right way. A lot of people will find you weird for not acting normally by being like everyone else, but you aren’t a blind sheep who just does what the crowd is doing for the sake of fitting in.

4. You don’t tolerate people who accept their own ignorance.

You really hate it whenever you are forced to talk to someone who deliberately doesn’t know what they’re talking about especially when it’s a matter of importance. You have no patience for interacting with people who are content with their own ignorance and mediocrity and that’s why a lot of people will be intimidated by you.

5. You aren’t afraid of stepping outside of your comfort zone.

You have a very open mind and you are always receptive of creative thinking even if it means you will have to step out of your comfort zone. But most others would never like to step out of their comfort zones. That’s why they get turned off whenever they see you stepping out of your own.

6. You have no patience for small talk.

Small talk is for small minds. That’s the kind of policy that you always try to adopt in life. You just can’t find your way to fake a conversation with another person about things that aren’t particularly important to you. You find it difficult to be plastic and fake your interest in something trivial.

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