6 Signs That You’re A Great Catch and 6 Signs That You Aren’t

Which one are you?

1. You’re a catch when you make an effort to really listen as much as you talk.

A bulk of what really makes a successful relationship is the ability to listen to each other. A lot of couples think that communication is only made up of two people talking openly to one another in a relationship. But that’s not the case. Communication is also made up of two people who listen to one another; two people who try their best to understand each other.

2. You aren’t a catch when you nag and complain about every little thing in the relationship.

There are doers and there are naggers. Make sure that you don’t fall under the category of the latter. If you have a problem with your partner or your relationship, then do something to change it. Don’t just keep on nagging about it and expect that things will eventually fix themselves.

3. You’re a catch when you make an effort to take care of your partner.

Being caring and nurturing can go a long way in building a strong emotional connection between two people. If you make an effort to make him feel cared for, then it’s really not going to be lost on him. He is going to be very appreciative of your gentle and caring nature.

4. You aren’t a catch when you don’t show him gratitude and appreciation.

A great partner is always someone who isn’t shy about expressing gratitude and appreciation whenever applicable. You always have to make sure that your partner knows just how appreciative you are of his efforts. He will like to know that you are grateful for his presence in your life.

5. You’re a catch when you really treat him like a genuine equal.

You have a partnership. That’s what a relationship is about. You have to be able to treat him like an equal if you want him to be happy with you. You can’t be placing him on a pedestal and thinking that he should be more than he is. And you can’t think of him as someone lower than you who you can just boss around. He wants you to treat him like your tree partner.

6. You aren’t a catch when you resort to passive-aggressive behavior to get what you want.

You shouldn’t be resorting to childish and immature to get what you want in your relationship. Be more direct and upfront with your thoughts and feelings. You need to be more honest about your needs and your intentions.

7. You’re a catch when you respect his occasional needs for privacy and space.

You are both still entitled to living your individual lives however you see fit regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or not. And you have to be able to respect his personal needs and boundaries. You have to be willing to give him time and space whenever he asks them from you.

8. You aren’t a catch when you air your dirty laundry out in public.

Whatever happens in your relationship should remain between the two of you. You can’t be freely exposing the most intimate aspects of your relationship to the public. You have to respect the privacy of your partner as well.

9. You’re a catch when you stay mindful of his feelings.

It always pays to be a little sensitive when it comes to feelings and emotions. You would make a really great girlfriend if you always stay mindful of the feelings of your partner. You can’t just be acting insensitively in your relationship. It’s always about being able to read one another; and to play off one another’s moods.

10. You aren’t a catch when you demean and embarrass him in public.

While you may think that it would be cool and funny to make your man the butt of the joke in public just so you can get a few laughs, it’s definitely a bad idea. You are harming his ego and you are making him feel bad about himself just to make yourself feel happy.

11. You’re a catch when you make him feel like you love him unconditionally.

You have to make him feel that you love him for who he is. You can’t afford to make him think that your love is conditional. That’s too much pressure for one man to handle – and that’s not what love should be anyway.

12. You aren’t a catch when you want to take control of how he spends his time.

It’s definitely a big turn-off for a woman to be in a relationship with a guy whose time she is always wanting to control. You have to remember that just because you get into a relationship with someone doesn’t mean that you are entitled to choosing how he gets to spend his time. You are both free and mature adults who should be able to respect each other’s boundaries.

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