6 Signs That You’re In A Relationship With Someone Who Is Abusive

You would never really think it to happen to you. And that’s when it can get hazardous. After all, you never control who you fall in love with. When you look at all other people who are in relationships, you don’t always know the whole story. Of course, you are probably familiar with the idea of some people getting into abusive relationships. And you wonder to yourself why these victims would ever allow themselves to fall in love with abusive individuals in the first place. But that’s the thing. They didn’t allow themselves. It just happened. They never really knew what they were getting into. And it would be foolish of you to think that it couldn’t happen to you either.

Knowing What to Look Out For

The best way to arm yourself against an abusive individual is first to be able to identify what they look like. The thing about abuse in relationships is that it isn’t always going to be evident at the start. A lot of the signs and red flags can slip you by when you’re not paying attention. That’s why you must always stay guarded and vigilant when you get into a relationship with someone.

OF course, this doesn’t mean that you should expect the worst out of every guy that you date. You should still always try to see the best in people. However, you shouldn’t allow yourself to fall in love with someone so recklessly either. The only person who is going to have your back is yourself. And that means that you can’t afford to be vigilant when you’re dating someone.

The Dangers of Abuse

Allowing yourself to fall victim to an abusive partner is incredibly dangerous. Why? It’s because you are prone to feeling all the harmful and toxic aspects of being abused without even realizing it. And when you don’t understand that an abusive individual is victimizing you, then you don’t have a way of digging yourself out of your situation. And the deeper you go, the darker your life is going to get. That’s why you need to pay attention to all the red flags early on. That way, you can always keep yourself guarded even when the relationship is still young and fresh.

1. He criticizes you for how you look.

He makes you feel wrong about the way you look. Of course, he makes you feel bad. He tells you that you don’t dress nicely or that your make up is terrible. He’s only interested in you for how you look whenever this is the case. He’s objectifying you.

2. He brings up old mistakes that you’ve made in new arguments.

When you fall in love with a guy, it’s always important that he’s a patient and understanding individual. You are bound to make a few mistakes here and there. This means that he has to be able to look past them whenever you make them. If he still brings them up in future conversations to use as bargaining chips, then that’s bad.

3. He feels entitled to tell you who to spend your time with.

You should always get the final say on who you get to spend your time with. Naturally, you are a social creature, and you have other friends in life. This shouldn’t be something that you should be feeling guilty about. And if he guilts you for wanting to be with other people, then he’s a very dangerous individual.

4. He discourages you from pursuing your dreams.

He makes you feel bad for being an ambitious girl. Naturally, as a human being, you are entitled to having your own goals and dreams. You shouldn’t feel guilty about wanting to make something of yourself. And if he dares to make you feel guilty, then he’s not the guy you deserve to be with.

5. He makes you feel selfish for wanting time for yourself.

Of course, you should always get to choose who and what you spend your time on. Naturally, it’s okay for him to want to spend time with you, as well. However, there must also be boundaries. And he has to respect the fact that you have to spend time away from him every so often.

6. He lies to you.

You should never be with a guy who lies to you or deceives you. This is a blatant violation of a person’s trust, and you should always be wary of this kind of behavior. After all, you would never want to end up with someone who doesn’t value the trust that you have for one another. Trust is a very vital aspect of any romantic relationship.

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