6 Signs They’re No Longer Interested In The Relationship Anymore

There will be times wherein you will find yourself just absolutely crazy in love with someone without you even realizing what’s going on. It’s so easy to fall in love especially when all the moods and conditions are right. However, staying in love is a completely different story. While it might be easy for you to fall in love with someone, it’s not always so easy to just stay in love. You can still feel like you’re truly all in the relationship even when your partner is starting to slip away. And it’s always an unfortunate situation whenever that’s the case.

You never want to be staying in a relationship with someone who just doesn’t love you anymore. Remember that it takes two dedicated and committed individuals in order for a relationship to work. When one person just isn’t invested in it anymore, then the relationship is practically a ticking time bomb. It becomes a relationship with an expiration date. And whenever that is the case, you might just want to rip the Band-Aid off. You don’t want to be prolonging that agony any further. You might actually want to consider just ending things right away.

So, if you happen to notice the following signs in your relationship, then it might be time for you to just have a serious conversation with your partner. It might not be an easy discussion to have, but for the sake of not wasting both of your times, it’s a necessary one. Open up to your partner about how you feel. And if they confirm that they’re no longer in love with you, then be humble enough to just let them go. Here are a few signs that your partner is no longer interested in the relationship:

1. You are the one who is always making all of the plans.

You are the one who is making all of the plans in your relationship. You are the one who plans for dates. You are the one who plans for trips. You are the one who is always trying to find ways for the two of you to connect with one another. Your partner doesn’t seem to have that same kind of eagerness to do the same.

2. You don’t really talk about the future anymore.

As a couple, you don’t really talk about the future anymore. You’re always just content with small talk but you don’t really talk about what the future might hold for the two of you. You might be invested in prolonging your relationship but your partner doesn’t seem to share the same kind of enthusiasm. You’re often left to contemplate the future of your relationship on your own without much support from your partner.

3. You haven’t been introduced to the important people in their life.

They haven’t really made an effort to introduce you to the special people in their life. You are so interested in getting to know them better and you know that it’s important that you get to know the kind of people they surround themselves with. But they seem hesitant. It shows that they don’t consider you important enough to actually meet the important people in their life.

4. They don’t show any interest in your life anymore.

They don’t really take an interest in your life anymore. You have noticed that they no longer ask you about what kind of day you’ve had. They no longer ask you about how your problems at work are going. They don’t ask you about the things that you’re interested in and are passionate about. You are just left hanging most of the time. And you get the sense that any time you bring something up, your partner isn’t receptive of it.

5. They don’t make an effort to fix the problems in your relationship.

Your relationship is probably less than perfect. And you probably know this more than anyone. However, you always show a willingness to try and fix these problems the best way that you can. But your partner just isn’t the same. They don’t seem interested in trying to solve the issues in your relationship anymore. They’re just okay with letting the toxicity in your relationship fester and eventually destroy everything in its path. If you’re truly in love, then you would always show a willingness to fight for that love.

6. They don’t try to make you feel special.

Your partner no longer really does or says anything to make you feel like you are special to them. You are always just made to feel like you’re just like any other person in their life. And that should never be the case in a romantic relationship. Your partner should always be doing whatever it takes to make you feel like you mean a lot to them. Otherwise, then there’s nothing that really separates you from being just friends and a real romantic couple.

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  1. Wow I have all 6 of them in my relationship! I’ve pushed her away for needing more affection. She has a lot going on I’m her life. Raising her grandson and her 20 year old son passing and divorce.
    What do I do ??

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