6 Signs to Watch for When Dating a Sociopath and How to Safeguard Yourself

A sociopath is a person with a condition called antisocial personality disorder (ASPD), where they don’t care about other people. They often break rules, lie, manipulate, and act recklessly without thinking about the safety of themselves or others.

These traits usually become more obvious in teenage and adult years, and sometimes they get milder as they get older. Sadly, sociopaths are somewhat common, with about three out of every hundred men being sociopaths.

It’s crucial to know the signs of a sociopath to protect yourself from trouble. So, be careful, even if someone seems charming and good-looking, as you wouldn’t want to get involved with a sociopath.

1. They are charming

We are not saying that all charming people are sociopaths. If someone you’re with really enjoys being charming and seems very smooth, it doesn’t automatically mean they’re a sociopath, but it’s possible. To be sure, watch for other signs of sociopathy to make your decision. However, if you have a gut feeling that something isn’t right, pay attention to it; there might be a reason. This charm could be one of the signs that you’re dating a sociopath.

2. They have an enormous ego

One way to spot a sociopath is through their big ego. They won’t hesitate to brag about how clever, wealthy, caring, and accomplished they are. And if something even slightly hurts their ego, they won’t be happy about it. They might not openly show that they’re upset, but you can see the hidden anger in their facial expressions if you pay close attention. So, if someone is constantly boasting and gets upset when their ego is hurt, it could mean they have sociopathic traits.

3. They are known for their impulsive behavior

You might recognize this if you’ve tried to make plans with someone who always disappoints you, no matter how you feel. Typical sociopaths act on impulse and don’t care about how others feel. They like being in control and might find it hard to make plans and stick to them.

4. They blame others

Sociopaths have certain traits, and one is they often like to blame others. This is a clear sign of a sociopath. When you talk to them, you’ll notice they never admit they did something wrong or say things like ‘I should have done better.’ Never. And they keep doing this their whole life. So, if you meet someone who always blames others and never takes responsibility, they might have sociopathic traits.

5. They are overly attentive

One clear sign of a sociopath is that they’re super intense and want your attention all the time. They might contact you often, insist on spending all your free time with them, and get upset if you choose to be with others. They might not say it out loud, but they might make you feel guilty, and you can see the anger they’re hiding on their faces. So, if someone acts this way, it could mean they have sociopathic traits.

6. They lie. A lot 

People with sociopathic traits tend to tell lies about pretty much everything. They do it when they want things to go their way or to take control of a situation. Sometimes, they lie just because they feel like it. When you ask about their past, they might not give you clear or honest answers. If they don’t know you well, they could use tricks like making you feel guilty or changing the subject to avoid your questions. They might also use tactics like blaming others and getting angry to control you.

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