6 Signs Your Partner is THE BEST FRIEND You Have in This World

I met this girl, exactly a year ago. I had no high expectations of falling in love or us clicking instantly. I thought that was too fairy-talish, too perfect and thus too impossible. Yet, I gave it a go, met her and we started talking. A few meetings and before I knew it, she was my best friend more than she was anything. I loved her company and I couldn’t get enough of her. I had never felt this close to anyone in my life, it was utterly shocking to see my own self opening up to someone I had just started spending time with.

Soon, all my plans were starting to revolve around her. Whether it was an issue at the workplace or just something that was bothering me, she was my go to person and I was hers.В That’s when we realised what partnership meant, what true love meant. True love indeed meant being the best of friends in life.
Life has never been this beautiful.

I believe, at times, we fantasise love as someone standing at our doorsteps with a dozen roses in their hands and promises on their lips, of bringing the whole world at our feet. Maybe love is not all about that. Maybe love is a lot more simpler like someone’s arm around you when you’ve had a bad day at work.
Or someone restocking your favorite flavor of ice cream, for whenever you might want it. Or simply when someone owns you and befriends, your flaws, your crazy streaks, your annoying little habits and your soul.
Love is more about friendship than anything else and here are a few things that will help you see that your partner is truly your best friend.

1. You can talk without even saying a word

This is when you both are in a situation and think the exact same thing at the exact same moment. This is when you give each other "the look"!В Only true friends know this and if you are truly friends with your partner, you would know what I mean.

2.В When all of your plans have to involve your partner in them in some way

Every new place or any new cuisine, you can’t really plan that with anyone. It has to be your partner. Even if you go ahead and do go out with some of your friends, the whole time you miss them and wish they were there with you so you both can either praise the food that you are positive they would have loved or had nagged about and later laugh about something you know they would have hated. Either ways you miss their presence.

3.В When they are your go-to person

There might be a lot of people you share things with but there will always be one person you listen to when you need an advice. If your partner is that person, you have definitely got a best friend in them.
Whether it’s work or a dress you want to get, you trust your partner with the solution. Like a best friend would sit calmly, listen as if the problem involved them than you and throw at you a thousand solutions just to help you out, if your partner does this, you are one lucky person.

4.В When the best part of your day is spent with them

Think about the past few days, when have you laughed the most?В What are the moments of all these days you cherish the most?В If they involve your partner, than you are one of those few people who have found their best friend in their partners.В If you can laugh about things together, discuss deep and meaningful conversation as well then you are truly fortunate.

5.В When you can’t stay mad at each other for long

The fights you two have are in the initial moment as if you’ll kill each other and eventually making up because you can’t stay mad at them for long.В Your fights are about small things that you later laugh about together. These are the very moments that will make you fall in love even more and harder than ever.

6.В When they join in on the craziness

This is when you two have the same habits or the same crazy streak. You two are proud of sharing it and you don’t care how the world sees you both because the only thing that matters to you both is how you feel about each other and if you two are best friends, you’ll be proud of it. No matter how absurd and crazy it might seem to everyone else.

Just know that when you find your best friend in your partner, you will be the happiest and the most complete person on earth and that feeling of contentment is exactly what will make you cherish this unique and pure bond.

Talk to me

Are you one of the lucky few whose partners are also their best friends? What is that one thing you two share that you can never give up for anything or anyone? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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