6 Signs You’re Dating a Liar

Have you ever felt that your partner isn’t telling the truth? Trust is crucial for a strong and happy relationship. It can affect your relationship if you keep feeling unsure about your partner’s honesty.

If you have a sneaky feeling that your partner might not be truthful and you can’t fully trust what they say, it’s something to be worried about. Luckily, six main signs can help you figure out if the person you’re in a relationship with is not being honest.

1. They can’t look you in the eye

If your partner avoids looking into your eyes while talking or seems uneasy when discussing his day, they could be hiding the truth. These behaviors might suggest they are not being entirely honest with you. Watch for signs of discomfort like looking away or fidgeting, as they could be attempts to distract from their lies.

2. Your Partner Over-Exaggerates

A major clue that someone you’re dating might be lying is if they tend to exaggerate things. For instance, they might share personal stories that sound really unbelievable and too amazing to be true. Also, if you’ve noticed that your partner often tries to top other people’s stories with incredibly wild and unlikely tales, it’s a strong hint that they’re not being honest.

3. Your Partner Doesn’t Deliver on Promises

If you’re unsure whether you’re with someone who’s not truthful, it’s better to focus on their actions rather than their words. For instance, your partner might make various commitments to you, like planning an amazing trip or assuring they’ll repay you for rent. However, most of the time, liars tend to make big promises but not follow through with what they’ve said. Even though you want to trust your partner and believe they’re sincere, you might eventually see that these assurances they give are actually empty and don’t mean much.

4. Your Partner Contradicts Him or Herself

If you see your partner often saying things that don’t match up, like the times and details they shared, it might mean they’re not telling the truth. Lying can make it tough to remember the facts and who they told what. For instance, if your partner says they left work at five and then later claims they stayed till eight, it’s a sign they might not be completely honest with you.

5. Your Partner Always Has an Excuse

Have you ever seen your partner making excuses to avoid being blamed or suspected of something? If you’re trying to know if your partner might not be honest, look at the excuses they give, as they might not be completely true. Many times, people who aren’t truthful come up with big excuses that can be extreme to hide what they’re doing. For instance, if your partner is late for a planned dinner, they might blame it on a big problem with their car, a dead phone battery, or losing their keys, instead of just saying the real reason. Liars often don’t want to admit their mistakes and make up different reasons to avoid taking the blame.

6. You Know in Your Gut

When you’re trying to figure out if someone is lying, it’s really important to listen to your instincts. If you have a feeling that something isn’t right with the person you’re dating and you suspect they might be not truthful or hiding things, it’s good to trust your intuition.

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