6 Signs You’re Going To Let A Strong Lady Slip Away

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You have to be able to give her butterflies in her stomach without her even wanting it. You have to be supportive of her goals, and you have to respect her desires for self-actualization.

Relationships are all about synergy and cohesion among individuals. It’s all about being able to find someone with whom you can mesh well. If you’re able to find someone who can complement your personality, and who can make you a better person as a whole, then you best not let that lady go.

This post is dedicated to those men who think they need a woman who is strong, independent, and is able to stand her own ground. Most men are attracted to the new-age woman who no longer needs a man to take care of herself. They want to land a lady who can make a name for herself doing whatever she wants in life without the help of any man.

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Landing a strong woman can be a difficult task. These ladies are independent and tend to not feel like they need a man by their side. If you want a strong lady to fall for you, you’re going to have to approach the courtship differently. You have to be able to make her weak in the knees for you. You have to be able to give her butterflies in her stomach without her even wanting it. You have to be supportive of her goals, and you have to respect her desires for self-actualization.

You have to give her space when she asks for it and you have to be a good support-system. More than these things, there are also some things you have to avoid doing if you want to win her love.

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Here are 6В signs you’re going to let a strong lady slip away.

1. You don’t take the initiative to kick things off with her.

A strong woman wants a man who is assertive and goes after the things that he wants. In this case, if you are upfront regarding your interest in her, she’ll respect that. If you actually make the effort to kick things off and shrug off the risks of rejection, she’ll definitely like that about you. It’s a hit-or-miss at this point, but she’s definitely worth that risk. You know that old clich? You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take. Just take a chance and go after her. Being shy and timid will definitely not take you anywhere.

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2. You baby her too much and don’t respect her ability to take care of herself.

A strong and independent woman wants to be able to take care of herself. Yes, it’s okay to express your desires to be there for her and act as a support-system, but you also have to give her the space to be her own person. She has her own personal goals and aspirations and you don’t want to get in the way. If you go deeper into a relationship, perhaps she will start to restructure her goals around you but you have to let her make that decision on her own. You can’t be the one who forces yourself into her life without her asking.В – Continue reading on the next page

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3. You refuse to be open about your feelings and emotions.

A strong and independent woman respects a man who allows himself to be vulnerable. She loves a man who acknowledges his own humanity and opens himself up to emotional scrutiny. She sees emotional men as men who are passionate and are able to express empathy and kindness to others. She is able to see through any macho faГ§ade that a man will throw up as a mode of deflection. It’s a new world where the lines between gender roles are getting blurrier. Women can be strong and independent. Men can be soft and emotional. That’s okay.

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4. You play hard-to-get.

A strong woman doesn’t want a guy who plays hard-to-get. There’s no point in playing a fool and acting like you don’t want her. She’ll see right through you and she’ll brand you as a wimp who likes to play games. It’s immature to act like you don’t want the things that you want and she can’t respect you if you’ll be acting like that. Let her know that you want her and stop acting like you don’t.В – Continue reading on the next page

5. You act a little too needy.

Don’t lose your self-respect. If you’re going to go after a woman who is independent, then you’re going to have to be independent as well. You can’t be relying on other people to fix your problems for you. You have to be able to function normally as an individual who is trying to make his way through a difficult world. She can’t possibly respect a man who is constantly asking for help from everyone, especially from her.

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6. You don’t make an effort to keep her in your life.

If you really aren’t willing to make compromises to accommodate you in her life, she’ll move on. You’re not worth it. She prioritizes her needs and her feelings above yours and if you aren’t willing to adjust, then she’s going to drop you like a ball. If you want this woman, you’ll have to work for her because she’s probably worth all that extra effort

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