6 Subtle Red Flags That You Need To Look Out For In Relationships

There’s no denying that the world of dating can be such a handful. It’s so confusing especially in this modern age where there are just so many variables that need to be taken note of. You try your best to be a really good judge of character but you can’t seem to get things right. You are always misjudging people.

You try your best to protect your heart and keep it guarded. However, you are still letting all of the wrong people in. You are still investing yourself in the relationships that you shouldn’t be. And that’s bad for you.  A piece of your soul is lost each time you get your heartbroken. And you have got to stop putting yourself in relationships that don’t do your heart any good.

However, that is a lot easier said than done. Like most other people, you always want to be with a partner who is going to care about you. You want to be with someone who is empathetic and thoughtful. You want to be with a person who is always going to be mindful of your needs and feelings.

You want a partner who is really going to commit to you; someone who you can always rely on to put the effort into your relationship. You always try o be with someone who stays loyal to you; someone who you would never have to worry about when you leave them alone. You always want that cliché partner; the one who isn’t afraid of making a fool of themselves for your love. You want that fairytale kind of narrative; the kind that you read about in books and see in the movies.

And it’s normal for you to want all of these things. But you still have to be careful. Sometimes, in your desperation to actually pursue these things, you can sometimes overlook the things that you need to be looking at. There might be certain things that your partner is doing in your relationship that you might think to be sweet – but they might actually turn out to be red flags that should concern you. You need to stay vigilant.

And that means you need to be keeping your emotions in check. Just because you are desperate for love doesn’t mean that you should be turning a blind eye to all the red flags that someone might be exhibiting in your relationship. The earlier you are able to spot these red flags, then the easier it will be for you to break away from the relationship before you actually get invested in it.

Now, remember: a lot of these red flags are actually very easy to miss. They are extremely subtle and you can still not notice them even if they are staring at you right in the face. That is why you should always be staying focused and conscious. You should always be staying vigilant. Here are a few subtle red flags that you need to be looking out for in your relationship.

1. They care too much about how they look.

Sure, you always want a partner who actually puts effort into the way that they look. You don’t want to be in a relationship with a slob who acts so sloppy and messy all the time. However, you also need to draw a line. You can’t be with someone who is just OBSESSED with the way that they look all the time. That might be a red flag that you’re with a narcissist.

2. The message you obsessively and excessively.

You know that something is weird whenever your partner messages you obsessively. You want a partner who maintains lines of communication with you. But it’s another thing entirely when they’re practically messaging you every second of every day.

3. They tend to share too much on the first date.

Always be wary of an over-sharer. That means that a person is eager to get the ball rolling almost immediately. And that can be a serious sign of pressure and desperation. It shows that they want to get serious with you right away.

4. They practically spend ALL their time on you.

Be very wary of the guy who spends ALL of his time on you. He always needs to maintain a sense of independence and individuality with his own life. If he makes your relationship his entire world, then there’s something wrong with him.

5. They act possessive and overly protective.

It’s always nice to have a partner who is somewhat territorial and protective of you. However, it can be very unhealthy to have a partner who just wants to control every aspect of your life to the point that you lose your independence.

6. They don’t really follow up on the promises that they make.

You should never really trust a person who can’t follow up on their commitments to you. That means that they aren’t people who take their words seriously.

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