6 Subtle Things You Might Be Doing Which Are Also Big Turnoffs

Don’t be so naïve. You’re not perfect. You aren’t doing EVERYTHING right. You are a flawed human being just like the rest of us. And it would be foolish of you to think that there is no longer any room for improvement in your life – especially with how you conduct yourself in your dating life. The truth is that in relationships, there are a lot of unspoken rules. And these rules can change depending on the situation and the person that you’re with. After all, we all differ when it comes to our tastes and personal preferences. We all aren’t always going to like the same things when it comes to the people we date.

However, there are plenty of things that people in the world are just generally turned off by; and you have to make sure that you aren’t guilty of doing these things. When you are dating someone for the first time, it’s important that you always be yourself. However, you shouldn’t take being yourself to mean that you can just excuse your crappy behavior. People change – and when you do change, make sure that it’s a change for the better. You always want to be putting yourself in the best position to win the heart of a man when you’re just dating. And the more that you partake in poor dating habits, the more you end up diminishing your chances.

So if you want to develop your sense of self-awareness, then this article is going to be perfect for you. You constantly need to be policing yourself in your relationships. You need to always stay on top of things; you need to know what effects your words and actions are having on your partner. And generally, if you are guilty of these 6 things, then you are turning your partner off more and more.

1. You have very unapproachable body language.

You are always crossing your arms. You are always rolling your eyes. You don’t establish eye contact with him. You are always looking away. These are very subtle body language movements that make him want to just run away from you. It makes you very unapproachable and unwelcoming. Make sure that you check yourself because you might not even be aware that you’re doing these things.

2. You don’t talk with enthusiasm or interest.

Learn to put some life into how you converse with him. Don’t be just narrating your thoughts, musings, and opinions to him in a very monotonous voice. Show him that you’re actually excited to be talking with him; that you’re thrilled to be conversing and bonding with him. You also don’t want to be boring him to death by acting so lifeless all of the time.

3. You don’t go into detail with your answers to his questions.

If he asks you a question about your life, then go ahead and go into detail when you answer him. Don’t be so content to just give him one-word or one-sentence answers as if you’re answering a test. You’re effectively putting an end to the conversation by doing so. Show him that you can be a great conversationalist as well.

4. You don’t smile a lot when you’re with him.

This should really be a no-brainer. A smile can give him comfort, ease, and confidence. A constant frown is only going to make him very uneasy.

5. You don’t really ask him questions about his life.

Show an interest in him. Make him feel welcome into your life by being inquisitive. Let him know that you’re not indifferent and that you genuinely care about who he is and what his life is like. Indifference is only going to make him feel more unwelcome and unmotivated to pursue your love.

6. You act so negative all of the time.

Guys tend to stay away from girls who keep on attracting drama and negative energy. You don’t want to be driving him away just because you refuse to acknowledge anything that is good about the world. There so many aspects of life to be happy and positive about. Don’t be such a negative Nancy all of the time. It’s only going to push him away.


Ultimately, it all boils down to always staying aware of the kind of impact that your words and actions are having on your man. You always want to stay on top of things. You always want to maintain a sense of mindfulness. The moment that you disregard your partner’s feelings about you is also the moment you start driving your partner farther and farther away. You don’t want to be taking your partner’s feelings for granted. You always want to be exerting maximum effort into your relationships. And that all starts with being able to develop your self-awareness; being able to know what kind of perception your partner has on you. Otherwise, all of your efforts are all going to end up in vain.

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