6 Surprising Qualities of A Good Soulmate

For the lucky few…

Before going into any relationship, we’re always going to have our fair share of expectations. We know what want out of having a good partner and a good relationship. We know what we’re getting ourselves into and we know what to bring to the table in terms of what the relationship needs. But then again, the best kinds of relationships are those that always manage to bring a few good surprises to the table. When you are caught in a healthy and loving relationship with someone, you will definitely be surprised at the things that you’re going to feel in the relationship. You initially thought that you had everything all figured out, but you never could have imagined just how enriching and amazing it is to be in a genuinely loving relationship with the person you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with. 

These surprises don’t exactly always have to be extrinsic in nature. They can come from personal feelings that you have that you never thought you would feel in that manner. For more concrete examples of these little surprises, read on until the end of this article. 

1. They call you out on the things that you do wrong.

Of course, you see yourself as an unstoppable force that could possibly do no wrong. As much as possible, you try to see yourself as a perfect being in your own eyes. You always tend to think that you’re going to be on the right side of history. You genuinely believe that you rarely ever make mistakes and you usually hate it when people start to question your decisions or your philosophies on life. However, it’s very surprising to you that you don’t mind it whenever your partner starts calling you out. You start to learn your own humility and you are okay with being told that you’re doing something wrong. 

2. They espouse a level of maturity that you haven’t reached yet.

You always think that you are the most mature person in the room. You always think that you’re carrying yourself with a certain grace and class that is rare to find in many people your age. You think that you possess the kind of wisdom and intelligence that people can only dream of. But when it comes to your soulmate, you are surprisingly okay whenever you’re not the mature one in the relationship. You are receptive of the wisdom and advice that your soulmate can give you; in fact, you find security and comfort in it even though you wouldn’t find that in anyone else. 

3. They know how to have fun a lot better than you.

A lot of times, you think that you are the life of the party. You always assume that your loving and amiable self is the reason why people are so fond of flocking around to wherever you are. While this can be true to some extent, you are still also okay with the fact that your partner is a whole lot more fun than you are. Usually, you would be jealous of other people who are managing to bring the fun to the environment. But when it’s your partner who is doing so, you are surprisingly okay with it. You know that this is the kind of fun and energy you need your soulmate to be bringing into the relationship every day. 

4. They surpass you in levels of wackiness.

You aren’t one who is known to be excessively uptight. In fact, while you do take life seriously, you aren’t necessarily considered by your friends to be a buzzkill or a killjoy. You have a lighthearted soul and a free spirit. You are always the one who likes to alleviate the pressures of life. But it also somehow surprises you to know that your soulmate is just as laid back as you are. You thought that no one could get as wacky or as funny as you, but somehow, your partner has you beat. 

5. They pamper and spoil you whenever you genuinely need it.

You are a strong and independent person. You know that you have all the strength and the power to take on the world on your own. You know that you have the physical capacity to stand on your own two feet. You know that you are perfectly capable of pursuing your goals and your dreams by yourself. You don’t need anyone else to carry you to the finish line. You know that you can finish the race on your own. You are always reluctant of the help of others except when it’s your soulmate. You are surprised at how easy it is for you to ask help from your partner whenever things start to get a little too overwhelming. 

6. They make a conscious choice to love you every single day. 

Lastly, the and perhaps the most important surprising quality of a good soulmate is the fact that love isn’t necessary innate to them. Sure, they say that love is natural and that it shouldn’t be forced. But the gentle surprise is that your soulmate actually makes a conscious decision to love you every day. Despite all the reasons that your soulmate should just walk away, the love remains pure. 

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