6 Texting Habits That Could Indicate His Genuine Interest In You

Text games strong.

He likes me. He likes me not. He likes me. He likes me not. It’s the never-ending relationship riddle that just continues to plague the minds and hearts of girls all over the world. How much does he actually like you? Is he really as invested in you as you think he is? Does he like you as much as you like him? You spend so much time in your day just poring over the most specific details of your relationship; you try to read the signs so you can appease your mind about your place in his life. You want to know if your feelings for him are well-placed or not. You just want to know if this is a guy who is going to take you seriously so that you know if you can actually take a chance on him.

And it’s no secret that these days, technology has played a big role with how relationships are formed – particularly with how couples communicate with one another in a relationship. The art of texting has brought people closer substantially. And it’s no secret that this is probably one of the most popular vehicles for communication in modern relationships. And so it makes sense for you to want to study how you text with one another to really figure out just where both of you stand in relation to each other. You want to figure out if he’s just playing games with you. You want to know if he’s actually being real with you. You want to know where his intentions and his motivations lie so that you can plan your next steps accordingly.

And while it’s impossible to fully get to know someone through the way you communicate over text, you can still get a pretty good gauge of where you are with each other. Usually, it’s pretty easy to figure out just how a person feels about you based on how he texts with you. There are certain patterns and trends that emerge which will be able to give you a better idea of how a guy might feel about you. Of course, they are going to be putting a lot of thought into the way that they text you – but what they might not know is that you’re on to their moves.

You know just how to decipher their texting habits because you are reading this article. And by the time you’re done reading this, you will have equipped yourself with the knowledge that you really need to read into their texting habits. Here are a few signs that he is really into you based on the way that he texts you.

1. They reply to your messages promptly and swiftly.

They don’t play games with you. They don’t deliberately wait for hours or days before they give you a reply. They don’t make you wait just to make it seem like they have better things to do with their lives. Whenever they can, they reply to you. And if they’re just too busy, they will cordially apologize and they will cordially let you know that they will just text you some other time.

2. They don’t hesitate to initiate the text conversations with you.

They don’t wait for you to text them first. They don’t think that it’s “weak” to text someone first. And even if they do, they don’t mind showcasing that weakness for you. They want you to know that they aren’t too proud to text you first. They would want to initiate conversations with you as much as possible.

3. They always send you enthusiastic text messages and replies with plenty of emojis.

They don’t merely send you one-word replies. They don’t just give passive messages that give you nothing to work on. They are really enthusiastic about conversing with you even if it’s only through texting. And they will let that enthusiasm show in the way that they text you. It’s also a plus if he makes use of emojis a lot.

4. They ask you questions to know more about you and to keep the conversation going.

He will be as inquisitive as possible if he really likes you. When they ask you a lot of questions, it shows that they have a genuine interest in your life and they want to find out as much about you as possible.

5. They text you about activities that you could do together.

They obviously want to spend more time with you and so they will drop some hints and clues about some things that you could do together. For instance, they will bring up some interesting movie that might currently be showing in the theaters. Or perhaps they will mention a new art exhibit that just opened up in your neighborhood. They bring these things up as a segue into asking you out.

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