6 Texts A Typical Playboy Sends To A Woman He Is Dating

Playboys can be hard to spot because they often appear perfect at first. They make you feel special but usually have other relationships, too. Don’t wait on the sidelines; if you’re sure he’s playing you, it’s best to end things. Pay attention to his messages to identify a playboy, as they can reveal more than what’s on the surface.

1. Can I come over? (after 10 pm)

If you believe a guy’s intentions are harmless and he just wants to chat, think again! When he asks if he can visit, it’s usually not about needing your company. It’s most likely a booty call, even if he adds things like “Netflix and chill.” It’s important to realize that this is just about physical intimacy, and you should be cautious of it.

2. I can’t remember I said that

When a guy often says things like, “I don’t think I promised that,” or “I totally forgot,” it’s part of how he usually texts. But if he makes plans and then cancels them because he forgot, that’s a warning sign. It’s normal to forget occasionally, but if it happens a lot, it means he’s inconsistent and you can’t rely on him. He’s not making you a priority, and you’ll start wondering who else he’s putting ahead of you and what’s keeping him so busy that he can’t keep his promises.

3. Let’s not talk about me, tell me more about you

He might not send the exact same text, but he’ll likely try to change the topic from himself to something else. If he avoids opening up and sharing about himself, it’s a bit suspicious. While he may be a good listener, if he’s always quiet when personal topics come up, you’ll start to wonder if he’s hiding something. Playboys don’t share much about themselves and keep you at a distance because they don’t intend to stay in your life for long.

4. Let’s go somewhere, my treat

Playboys like to feel special and important, and they often show this by spending their money extravagantly, even if they don’t always have a lot of it. They tend to act like they’re wealthy and successful, striving to become the best and richest they can be. They’re always after more – more money, more parties, and more romantic partners.

5. Every girl I ever dated was insane

If a guy badmouths his ex-partners, it’s a sign he might do the same to you, and he’s also making unfair judgments about all women. Plus, he won’t admit when he’s wrong, which indicates bigger problems beyond just being a playboy.

6. Let’s keep it casual and see where it goes

Talking about having an exclusive relationship with him is really tough, even through texting. He’ll twist your words and make you forget why you wanted a committed relationship in the first place. He’ll use lines like “Why complicate things?” or “Let’s just enjoy the moment,” avoiding anything serious. A guy who thinks a real relationship is troublesome is probably a playboy and not ready for commitment. It’s important to let him know you won’t waste your time on him.

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