When blood is young and raving through your veins, you are ready for an adrenaline rush all the time. This is a transitional time, when your body is experiencing physical and psychological changes, thus your emotions and hormones are in turmoil.

Your mind and heart want to experience the white waves on a surf board, to feel the morning dew on your bare feet. It is all about discovering happiness, loneliness, madness and love. The mind and the heart are innocent and pure. They are curious as to what a puff of smoke feels like, to feel the ecstasy of a fast drive or to sit on the edge of the roof top of a building.

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It doesn’t know what fear is.

  1. Don’t sell your soul to the devil

This is the time when a girl needs to remember who she is and what her parents had cultured her to be in her childhood. She needs to remind herself constantly the difference between good and bad so that she doesn’t lose herself in the midst of chaotic youth. This is the time where she needs to protect her soul and build an incorruptible image to follow her, in her years as an adult.

  1. Boys are whatever friends are forever

Since the mind is very fragile at this stage, it tends to make fickle decisions. Young girls live in a la-la land of illusion, where they give love priority over friendships. The feeling of love gets young girls so excited, that it over powers every other relationships they have. The most sensitive of relationships you have in your youth is the one you share with your girlfriends. They too are young and impulsive at this time, so issues as small as you didn’t call me back can break ties forever. – Continue reading on next page

Knock knock, girls. Boys will be boys; they can’t be there to giggle over a silly joke, or to go shopping for that perfect lip gloss. Make your friendships last, don’t lose them over puppy love. It will be these friends who will be trailing into adulthood with you; meanwhile there is no guarantee, whether if the teenage boyfriend you are dying for would turn out to be your true flame.

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Your best friend will always be there to boost your morale on a blue day or cheer for you when you ace an interview. Best friends may not have spoken to each other in ages but will pick right back up from where they left it, the last time they met. So girls, don’t let go of your best friends over petty issues, you will need them to survive the upcoming rollercoaster ride, they call ˜adulthood’.

  1. You are beautiful

You are beautiful and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. It is an earnest request; learn to appreciate yourself and your body. Nurture your soul and mind to become a beautiful person, don’t tamper with your body to satisfy other people.

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Have a strong social foundation and use that as your strength. Some girls in the rush to feel accepted make drastic changes, which may tarnish them for life. It’s very important to believe in your inner beauty to bring that glow of confidence on your outer beauty.

  1. Aim for the long run

Set a long-term goal every year. Write it on a piece of paper and put it up on your dressing table mirror. They should have substantial value, like to achieve an A grade or maybe lose 10 pounds of weight. Your goals should be set to achieve a purpose and they should have a meaning in your life.

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It should be something to make your time worthwhile. Having a goal in life will keep you focused and the challenge will keep you motivated. It will help you achieve something bigger in life, as compared to those who are still running around trying to be in-vogue. To achieve something later in life, you need to start working on it today. Sow today to reap tomorrow.В – Continue reading on next page

  1. Set your boundaries

Be the gold that needs effort to be dug out, be the flower that freshens up the surrounding but willВ wilt if touched. You should set your boundaries as they are necessary and healthy. Don’t let anyone bully you or use you. You need to define your space and limitations as it’s up to you, to allow a person in to your life. Human nature is such that no one will have the guts to invade your space unless you allow them too. If you stand up for yourself and you self-esteem, no one can push you over.

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A young girl is blooming and growing getting ready to come out of her shell and become a beautiful butterfly. If you want to feel pretty and respect yourself don’t let anyone cross their boundaries. Go after your dreams, laugh a lot; but don’t let that fence down till everyone you know, discerns why you put it there.

  1. Create memories

You are young only once. Go out there and make memories. Go on a date, ride the motorcycle, sing a karaoke, bunk a class; but don’t forget your values, your beliefs and meaning of life. These are the carefree years where you should live a story to tell your grandchildren every day. Taste the spice of life but don’t have any regrets.

You will only be young once so, live your life to the fullest within your boundaries and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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