6 Things Men Used To Do But Don’t Anymore

Are chivalry and masculinity dead in today’s society? It’s true that the men of today are nothing like the ones from the 1950’s but to say that both of these qualities, found in men back then, are non-existent here in the 21st century would be incorrect. Most of the attributes that men possessed previously have evolved (or devolved based on however you choose to look at it) with time. Chivalry and masculinity do exist but they’re defined differently nowadays.

There are so many things that a guy chooses to do differently now because of how easy technology made everything or how society itself evolved over the last century. Everyone and everything were bound to change along with time and although the essence of these two are still present, the gestures associated with them are not. Not all of them are missed but there are certain things which women would love to see a man of today doing.

1- Courting her.

Nowadays, if you like a person, all you have to do is go find them on any one of the million social media apps there are and just ‘hit them up’. Back in the day, if a guy liked a girl, he’d literally pursue her. He’d write her notes, send her flowers or basically do anything which might get her attention. Dating wasn’t like what it is today when two people can’t even differentiate between a date and casually hanging out. It used to be romantic where the guy actually made sure that the girl developed genuine feelings for him and wanted there to be a second date too. He’d plan the date, set a time, bring her something nice and make it all unforgettable. – Continue reading on next page

2- Differentiating between a ‘man-cave’ and a kid’s arcade.

A man-cave today is basically a room with a poker table, a couple of arcade games, a large screen TV, Xbox and food. A man-cave was originally the garage and unlike today, it wasn’t filled with boxes and old junk. Does the former sound amazing? Yes, it does but what happened to the men who used to be proud of their tool belts or boxes and could tell you just how to fix anything around the house. I’m not talking about plumbing or anything here, I’m talking about the things that used to make a man, well, manly. You rarely find anyone in the 21st century who can differentiate between the types of tools. There used to be a time when men would want to make new things, pull out blueprints and weren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty every now and then.

3- Being a gentleman during a date.

Don’t get me wrong here, they should be one whenever but honestly, you can’t expect them to run around in a tux at home. With dates, however, certain gentlemen like charm is highly appreciated and missed. There used to be a time when guys would pick you up, open the door for you, complement your look, and pull your chair out for you and so much more. These aren’t things men are unfamiliar with, in fact, many of them know that it’s something women love. The charm is gone now. Whether it’s at the movies, at dinner or where ever you choose to date, nothing gentlemen like is even considered to be done.

4- Enjoying the outdoors.

No one will believe that there’s an actual world beyond electronics (cue gasp). Men used to love being outdoors, to play sports or if not then to just get out of the house. You’ll see men playing sports alright if you count playing ‘Fifa’ a sport. You’re not being asked to bring back firewood or to hunt for dinner, you’re being asked to get up from the couch and go outside and play with the dog or just look at the world beyond a television screen. В – Continue reading on next page

5. Taking care of their appearance.

This cannot and should not be considered as an unfair thing to ask of your partner. There’s only so much comfort you can get into. Sure, you should love people for their heart but admit it, there is a certain appeal that your partner has and you don’t want them to lose it unless of course of hard circumstances. Since when did it become okay for men to look like they haven’t showered for days and again, there’s a range between being comfortable and being disgusting.

6. Having that one signature dish.

Guys who couldn’t cook as well as their partners used to at least have one dish which they completely owned. That was their thing which no woman could master. If you’re a good cook then cook away! But if you’re not that good then, at least, be able to make something. Guys used to have BBQ’s in their backyards, it wasn’t as fancy as people made it now. It used to be a family thing with the guy always on the grill. This does exist but not like it used to, people much rather prefer frat parties than a homely meal.

There was a time when all men possessed the same skill set and women used to take it for granted because no one ever expected them to gradually fade away over the years. Would you want all these back?

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