6 Important things not to do on Valentine’s Day

things not to do on valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and I already see people preparing for it, to make it as perfect as they can. It frazzles me; I’m not one who’s with the concept that you should give one day more important than the rest of the year all because society has made it that way.

The organization has set an impossible set of standards for Valentine’s Day; people usually harm themselves in the process of trying to live up to those expectations.

Here are six things NOT to do on Valentine’s Day. Let’s begin.

6. Don’t stress yourself out

Okay so you want to make sure it’s a special day for the two of you, that’s understandable, don’t stress yourself out in the process. Some people plan their “special day” months before it happens, and they slowly keep stressing themselves out in the process. It’s supposed to be a romantic day, keep it that way. Don’t forget your happiness in the process of making that day more perfect than ever.

5. Don’t be someone else that day

Some people get incredibly romantic on Valentine’s Day and then go back to being their usual selves as soon as it’s over because they want to live up to that day and not to their egos and their personalities. Be yourself on Valentine’s Day, be the person you are, and will always be, don’t try to be more than you are, don’t try to do more than you already do, don’t change for one day.

4. Don’t make it more important than the relationship

Some people make Valentine’s Day more important than the rest of the year, which means they make it more important than the relationship itself. It’s just one day, make it unique, don’t give that one day more important than the rest of the year. Sure, you can go out of your way to make it as unique as you want it to be, but as long as it doesn’t become more important than the relationship itself.

3. Don’t hate Valentine’s Day

Single people are usually found updating their Facebook statuses and Tweeting about how horrible Valentine’s Day is. Look, I’m not alone, I’m in a relationship with an amazing girl, but I don’t like Valentine’s Day either, not because of the meaning it holds but because of what society has made it into.

I’ll probably have dinner somewhere with my girlfriend, and that’s all, I won’t make it any more special than any of our other hangouts because I love her the same every day, my love doesn’t increase or decrease based on the calendar. If you’re single and you see other people celebrating Valentine’s Day, embrace it, know that love will come to you too, don’t hate it.

2. Don’t think you’re alone

You’re not alone; there is an infinite number of single people out there who aren’t celebrating Valentine’s Day with their partners either, don’t feel lonely on Valentine’s Day. Make your special day out of it, when I was single, my mother was my Valentine, because I love that woman more than anyone else in the world, go out with your family or friends, surround yourself with people, don’t feel alone because you’re not.

1. Don’t love according to the calendar

Your love should remain the same throughout the relationship; it shouldn’t suddenly increase tenfold on Valentine’s Day. Like I said before, be yourself, be the person you are with the person you love, spend a special day with them as yourself, don’t pretend to be someone else. Don’t let your love change because of some date; it’s just a date; it doesn’t control how much you love someone.

Question of the day

Are you with or against Valentine’s Day? If you’re against it, why? Leave your answers in the comments below. As always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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