6 Things Only A REAL MAN Does When He Finds The One

To find a good partner is hard, to find the “One” is harder. To let go of a good partner is sad but to let go of The One is, well, stupidity and a lot of us commit to this stupidity. Some of us realize it and undo it but for some, it’s just too late.

We get scared of the commitment or might feel like we aren’t ready for it, it’s too soon and whatnot but the truth is that it is generally a scary thought, it is the biggest decision of your life and you are bound to feel scared. Yet, you should know that you truly are a real man or woman if you face that scary thought and fight it back with the love you have for that person.

Here, we might just be focusing on men today but this goes out to everyone who has that perfect partner in their lives but is only a step away from truly committing to them. Love will always outweigh any and every scary thought or doubt that comes to your mind but it takes the sheer will to do so. So here are a few things that I believe a real man does when he finds his perfect one.

There are many kinds of people out there with different personality traits and little idiosyncrasies that set them apart from each other and make them into the people they are. Love is always unconditional and you always need to realize that a person who has it in him to see beyond all your imperfections and brittle edges, he will be the one who is going to be there for you through thick and thin.

However, there are some definitive traits that he will show that will make him the ideal guy. Many people can survive with other people but not many can live happily with one another. I’m not saying that you will always be happy throughout your life; I’m just saying that a real guy will know that happiness is worth fighting for if he has you alongside him. Here are some traits that a real man will have that will set him apart from all other guys but always remember that the only thing that matters is unconditional love.

At the end of the day this unconditional love will transform him into a better person and give him impeccable strength to face anything with you.


When he finds the perfect girl, he will have the guts to hold on to her. He would not let his mind trick him into thinking otherwise. Committing is a scary thought as I have said before but if you truly love someone and they mean to you the most, then you can actually push away these thoughts and accept that person in your life.

Being expressive and vocal about it is also a sign that you are mentally committed to this lady and that you want the world to know. When people look into the future, they see a lot of different things. The future isn’t always a pretty sight for everyone. People who have lived a hard life do not expect good things in the future. People don’t really believe in themselves until a certain someone starts believing in them.

When a real guy meets the right girl, he will be instilled with a cascade of positive vibes and even if the future seems terrifying, he will no longer be afraid. He will be ready to fight everything and overturn the merciless schedule of fate because the power of love has always been something that has changed the face of human life.

It has created stories that have been inscribed in the annals of history. Such is the impeccable power of love. It’s amazing how some butterflies in the stomach or a single gaze in someone’s eyes can change everything. Guys who are reluctant to fight for themselves just magically get the power to be strong for their girls too.

They will go to immeasurable heights just to make her happy and those guys who could never have thought of compromise and sacrifice for another person are willing to give up everything for the right one. However, you need to make sure that your guy keeps his originality and ambitions intact. You owe him that much. Never let him turn into a miserable mess just for your sake.


The perfect one needs no change in them and that’s how he sees it. He will value this person and would do everything to keep them the way they are. He just wouldn’t want it any other way. He will make sure that this lady knows her true worth and he wouldn’t miss a chance to prove that to her. As I mentioned earlier, love is an unconditional bond. We all have little imperfections and flaws that make us afraid.

They instil fear in us and make us somehow think that we do not deserve love because these scars and damaged parts of ours will never get acceptance from anyone, so we start to run from ourselves. In the process, we also start to hide from any potential case of true love as well. However, the right guy will stop you from years of running and hiding.

He will make you believe that no matter what, you are worth it. All girls have certain quirks and certain weird habits linked to their personalities which make them who they are. Everyone has these little things. The right guy will not only tolerate this uncanny demeanor but he will also find your weirdness adorable and he will try to complement it. He will encourage you to do whatever you want to no matter what. He will not compel you to turn into a different person. He wouldn’t want you to transform into this bland version of yours who is no fun. He will love your originality.


When you finally meet the love of your life, things will automatically start to seem better, happier, colorful and everything good that you can imagine. You become a calm and happy person generally, that is why when small things that used to bother you happen now, they will not seem important enough to fight over or to have an argument on. There are always minor conflicts and fights in a relationship. It doesn’t mean that the relationship has reached its breaking point. Love is a journey of sorrow, joy, tragedy, and happiness.

It has a lot bad times and things that will try to break you. However, if your guy really loves you, then these things will just become obstacles that you will set aside together.

You both will never think of these obstacles as roadblocks but just something you both have to jump over every time you face them. It’s quite simple. This guy will provide you with the motivation and courage to make it through everything that comes in your way. He will be your guiding light in the dimming shadows.

If an argument arises in a relationship, then you both will know when to end it. The guy knows that sometimes he will just have to let you win an argument and agree with you for the sake of your happiness and this will make you love him even more and draw you towards him. You will even apologize to him if you’re acting childish.

At the end of the day, no fight will be bigger than your relationship. Both of you will understand that. Moreover, you will see that he will try to control his anger. If he had bursts of fury in the past, you will see a significant change in such demeanor. He will try to keep himself calm and collected at times when he used to just lose it.

You’d rather see your partner happy and seeing them happy makes you happy.



The first tell sign of a serious relationship is when your partner starts being vocal about the relationship and how happy you two are in it. This shows that they truly want to commit to this person and they don’t see themselves living anyone else but them. Your guy knows that you are not a wallflower.

He knows that you love to stand out in a crowd and show your uniqueness one way or another. He will let everyone know that you are his girl and that he loves you with all he has. Whenever you are in a gathering or at a party, he will be very proud to introduce you to everyone and all his friends. He will let you have the limelight and he will not need anyone’s approval to love you.

If your friends or some relatives have some problems with you or somehow dislike you, he wouldn’t care what the world says. He knows that the only thing that matters is what he thinks of you. Sometimes, gaining approval from this society can be really hard and we don’t really have to do that. In order to do that, we assign ourselves to different roles.

You might have noticed about yourself that you act differently in front of different people. In front of some people, you might laugh hysterically and in the company of other, you might just sit quietly at the back like a wallflower.

However, your guy will be aware of your true self and he will appreciate your originality. You will not be afraid to be anyone in front of him and he will make sure that he accepts you for who you are and not for you are not. He wouldn’t shower fake admirations on you.


They will not think of their freedom being snatched from them, in fact, they will see this as an opportunity to finally have a partner as a 24/7 friend with whom they can share and plan the future. A real man will not shy away from discussing the future whether it is living together or about marriage. They will definitely realize the importance of discussing the future with their partners without any hesitation or fear.

The real guy is one who wants to spend an eternity with you and will plan the future with you. He will not just think of fulfilling his dreams and ambitions but he will try to make a place for you in these dreams.

If he wants to buy a house and settle down in some distant city then he will consider your preferences as well. He will discuss these things with you before making a major decision of his life. He will be sure of one thing that he cannot imagine a future without you. You two are lobsters and your love is the thing that will hold you together forever.


A real man would never miss out on a chance to prove to his beloved that he loves her the most. May it be a small compliment or a big bouquet. Since he knows how hard it is to find that one perfect person, for him, proving his love would be the most important task of the day.  It could be a daily forehead kiss before going to work or something she had been wanting for a long time. A real man will treat his perfect one as a true partner and a true friend. He will not hesitate or get embarrassed while expressing his love to her and that is what really makes a man, a MAN! Sometimes, little gestures and things can make a difference. Chivalry is a forgotten concept. However, it is a very important one.

A real guy will do these little things for you that will make you blush. Sometimes, he will surprise you with dinner or he will make a delicious meal for you on other days. All these things will make you believe that he really does love you and he is also worth fighting for. In the end, I just want to say that a real guy who wants to spend an eternity with you will be different. Many guys will do these things but the million-dollar question is how long are they willing to stick with all this? If a guy comes and continues to do these things even when you do not expect him to, then you are a really lucky girl because such guys are hard to come by.

You need to make sure that you also provide him with the necessary support and motivation to be the person he is for you. You also need to love him with all you have. He deserves it!

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Have you found your one true love? How hard was it to finally find true love in today’s world? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!


  1. Articles like this are so confirming. I’d like to think that my 2 years and 8 month relationship right now will be the last.

    After being in a 24 year marriage with 4 kids I thought was it! Suburban home, housewife and raising my family. But, it wasn’t all happy towards the end. Things got so claustrophobic, controlling and angry. I lost my self being and didn’t know who I was anymore. I followed, and that’s it! I could not allow my kids to grow up knowing this is how marriage is suppose to be. I walked out several times during the last 4 years, when I finally didn’t come back! It was the worst thing I ever did to leave my 2 girls. My boys were older and moved out when I left. I filed for divorce and was in therapy for over 2 years, just trying to cope and figure out what to do next.

    I socialized with friends but found that there are so many men out there just looking for one thing. With some encouragement from a friend I dated online, tried a couple dates, but it wasn’t for me. I chilled for almost a year and tried again and that’s when I met the one. Almost 3 years now, we plan on moving in together and just live life to the fullest with one another. He makes me happy, he tells me everyday….I go on to say that I was afraid to love again…but my heart has opened to his!

    Thank you for this reassurance!

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