6 Things That Are Ruining Relationships For People

This new-age experience can break relationships so much easier just because of the sheer amount of pressure that is placed on couples nowadays. There is always a sense of trying to prove your worth as a couple to your peers and contemporaries.

The game has changed dramatically. Getting into a relationship nowadays is definitely so much more different from it used to be. Relationships even for average, non-celebrity-status couples are under so much scrutiny thanks to the advent of social media. The internet has allowed people to take deeper looks into each other’s personal lives and we’ve essentially allowed it to happen anyway.

We open ourselves up to so much judgement and analysis to people who shouldn’t be so invested in our relationship in the first place. This new-age experience can break relationships so much easier just because of the sheer amount of pressure that is placed on couples nowadays.

There is always a sense of trying to prove your worth as a couple to your peers and contemporaries. Trust us when we say that there really is no need to. The only people who get to dictate the self-worth of a relationship are the two people who are actually involved in it. No one should get to tell you whether or not your relationship is a good one. Only you get to be your own judge. Whatever you do within the confines of your relationship is your business and no one outside of your relationship has any right to butt in.

We are in dire need of a social revolution. If we are to promote love, peace, and harmony in the world, we have to revamp our language. We have to change the way we communicate with one another. We have to rehash all the ideas that surround love and relationships in general. There is still hope and we want to be able to add to that conversation. Here are the 6 things that are ruining relationships for people.

1. Labels

There’s just so much pressure on couples these days to define the parameters of their relationship. It causes a lot of unnecessary stress and strain on a relationship. Why do you always have the need to label everything? Do you really have to be called boyfriend and girlfriend in order for you to take each other seriously? Do you deem it necessary to establish that you’re only casually dating so as not to scare each other off? Have real conversations about how you feel and don’t leave it all up to labels. Make it clear about where you stand on matters of commitment and openness. The labels really aren’t doing you any good.

2. Public Relationship Statuses

If your friends are pressuring you to post your relationship status on Facebook (whether directly or indirectly), don’t feel like you ever have to give in. You shouldn’t have to succumb to social media pressure in your life. If you’re happy in your love life, then you don’t need a Facebook update to validate that happiness with your partner. Your feelings are real even when you don’t post it on Facebook. Also, if things don’t turn out the way that you want them to, then at least your saved the embarrassment of changing your status from In a relationship to Single for all the world to see.

3. Gender Roles

He should be the money-maker and the dominant one in the relationship. She should be the more empathetic and nurturing one in the relationship. Hello? Yeah, the middle ages called. They want their outdated ideas of gender stereotypes back. Gender should never play a factor in how relationship dynamics work. Especially in a world where the LGBTQ community is gaining more liberal traction, traditional gender roles are quickly becoming a thing of the past.В В – Continue reading on the next page

4. Personality Standards and Attributes

Don’t ever feel the need to objectify your partner by subjecting them to ratings and standards. Your partner is a human being who will have flaws and positive traits. You shouldn’t base your relationship on a check-list of requirements for your partner. That’s just downright foolish and toxic. Your partner is more than just someone who you can give a rating to. 5 Stars! or Definitely a 9/10! are terrible ways to answer questions of compatibility and attractiveness. A lot of your romantic feelings will always be arbitrary and they should stay that way. You don’t always have to put a number to everything in order for you to validate them.

5. Rushed Relationships

Don’t ever feel like you have to rush through phases of your relationship just because you feel like it’s what society expects of you. You should set your own expectations for your own relationship and those expectations are the only ones you need to answer to. Take it slow if you need to. If you want to rush, then go right ahead. Just make sure you’re not doing it because other people expect you to.

6. Relationship Goals

Stop treating other couples as your goals. Your relationship has its own quirks and personal dynamics. You should be able to make things work on your own accord. Don’t let other couples determine the worth of what you have in front of you. You are your own relationship goals.

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  1. I’ve had so many people criticize who I chose and you know it never ends but I you know I have told them all when you hurt someone I love you’re hurting me too and that about says it and it’s kind of working but some people insist anyway they don’t know and I never got a chance to learn or try with this person because there’s the unknown and I don’t know I have to find out I won’t let go until I won’t stop trying but I am not going to be a nuisance God bless you all.

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