6 Things That Kill A Romance According To Marriage Therapists

These therapists speak the truth!

Marriages are tough. Don’t take that statement lightly. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your relationship is special and that you’re going to be able to withstand whatever trials come your way just because you love each other very much. All couples go into marriage thinking that they are deeply in love with one another and still, a lot of these marriages end up in divorce or separations. You shouldn’t be so naГЇve to think that your relationship is going to be immune to the challenges that other married couples face in their relationships. That’s the best way for you to get blindsided by the real problems and issues that might end up hounding your marriage and you would never want that to happen. You always want to make sure that you are truly prepared for whatever problems might get thrown your way. Preparation is always key in making a marriage work. Love alone won’t be enough to sustain a marriage.

And a lot of times, a lot of marriage killers aren’t always going to be so obvious. A lot of people think that the common killers of marriage revolve around cheating or financial issues. Sure, these are common, but there are also other silent killers that a lot of couples make the mistake of neglecting. You have to make sure that you develop an awareness for these issues to make sure that your relationship doesn’t end up getting victimized. Awareness is your best defense when it comes to these relationships issues. The more aware you are of these potential killers, the quicker it will be for you to spot them and address them before they get really big. Here are a few common silent killers for all marriages that you really need to keep an eye out for according to marriage therapists.

1. You don’t make an effort to sustain relationships outside of your marriage.

As a married couple, it’s always important for you to maintain friendships and relationships outside of your marriage. You can’t afford to isolate yourselves from the outside world. You can’t afford to deprive yourselves of the opportunities to interact with people other than yourselves. As a couple you are in dire need of an outside perspective if you want your relationship to survive. You also need that escape to take a break from one another every once in a while. You don’t want to suffocate your relationship by engaging in over-exclusivity.

2. You underestimate the value of physical intimacy in your marriage.

Never underestimate the power of the physical touch in a relationship. You and your spouse should be engaging in physical intimacy as much and as often as you can. Physical intimacy is a great way for you to be building your passion and your trust for one another as a couple. It’s also a great way for you to be vulnerable to one another; to really show each other that you can really rely on one another. Physical intimacy is a direct manifestation of trust and comfort in a relationship. It also helps strengthen your emotional bond as a couple.

3. You maintain friendships with toxic couples.

The best way for you to allow toxicity and destruction into your own marriage is when you allow yourself to get heavily influenced by toxic couples who engage in toxic habits. Remember that toxicity is always contagious and you risk letting it seep into your relationship if you constantly surround yourself with it. You might risk picking up a few unhealthy relationship habits from toxic couples if you hang out with them too much.

4. You don’t share chores and responsibilities around the house.

It’s important for you to always maintain balance in a relationship. This balance carries over to how you show and express your love for one another. If you let one spouse shoulder too much of the workload in the relationship, then you are creating an imbalance there that can prove to be detrimental to the relationship. You have to share equal responsibilities to promote harmony in your marriage.

5. You don’t take the time to reflect on your marriage as a couple.

Every once in a while, you really have to take the time to just sit down and talk about where you are in your marriage. You have to be willing to really talk to each other about the state and direction of your relationship. This is also an opportunity for you to bring out any issues you might be experiencing into the open. When you constantly communicate as a couple, you are always bringing yourselves closer to one another.

6. You act more like roommates than you do a married couple.

Don’t subject yourselves to being two people who are merely sharing a living space. You really have to make it a point to build on your relationship and your romance by always shaking things up. Break any monotony in your relationship by doing things that excite you as a couple. You are a married couple, you aren’t roommates.

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