6 Things That Men Love About Their Women Aside From Their Appearance

A confident and funny woman is the biggest turn on for me.

There is no denying the value of looks, appearances, and aesthetics in this modern age especially when it comes to men. It’s practically common knowledge that men are known to be very aesthetic-driven creatures. They thrive on aesthetic pleasures in a very commercialized media-heavy world. That’s why a lot of women who are considered to be pretty and beautiful may have an easier time at landing men and finding relationships. However, MAINTAINING a relationship is another story entirely. Yes, good looks can catch the attention of men, but being able to maintain whatever connection and bond you have with them is trickier. It’s going to take a lot more than just good looks to keep your man in love with you. 

Truthfully speaking, as the relationship gets deeper and deeper, the looks just matter less and less. When couples stay together for years or even decades, it won’t matter so much what they look like to each other anymore. The biggest factor in really establishing, building, and maintaining a strong emotional connection with another person is with the personality. 

Yes, you can garner a man’s attention with your impeccable good looks. But you can only make a man really fall in love with you with your character, attitude, and your overall personality. Here are the 6 things about you that a man really loves the most aside from your good looks.

1. You are kind and thoughtful.

Kindness and thoughtfulness can go a really long way in a relationship with someone. As you get older, it will be much more important for your man to have a woman who takes care of him and who really values him than a woman who just looks pretty all the time. A man wants to be taken care of and wants to be thought of by his girl. Here is always value in a woman who is genuinely kind and who has lots of love in her heart.  Looks are great, but a kind heart is even greater. 

2. You have a sense of humor.

A few decades down the line, peoples’ looks are going to fade. That’s just a fact of the world. A person’s good looks aren’t always going to stay. However, as you get older and wiser, a sense of humor can only get better. When you are in a relationship with someone, it should be a relationship that is always full of laughs, smiles, and silliness. You can’t afford to always take life took seriously. Life is meant to be enjoyed and loved. That’s why a lot of men will always want to be with women they can have lots of fun with; women that they can laugh at just about anything with. 

3. You are confident and sure of yourself.

Gone are the days wherein women were supposed to be lesser individuals than men. The human civilization has taken great strides in really valuing a woman’s place in society and culture at large. Women used to be deprived of so many things in the past and they were always led to believe that they weren’t as important as men. However, nowadays, it’s always great whenever men manage to find a woman who is confident and sure about herself. Always strive to be a girl who never backs down from any challenges; a woman who looks at the world with her chin held high. – Continue reading on the next page

4. You are a big dreamer and hard worker.

There are few things in this life that are more attractive than a person who is passionate, ambitious, and hardworking. Whenever a man meets a woman who possesses all three qualities, then he knows that she is definitely a keeper. A woman who is passionate about something is a woman who has the potential to also be passionate about her man. A woman who is ambitious and hardworking is a woman who wouldn’t give up so easily especially when the times get rough. A lot of strong men find comfort in being in relationships with women who are genuinely strong and ambitious. 

5. You are a mature and responsible individual.

It takes a great deal of maturity and responsibility to make a relationship work. Every smart and mature man knows this. That is why a lot of men would pass on the pretty immature girl for a mature woman any time of the day. They know that relationships are built on women’s maturity levels and not on their looks. That’s why you should always make it a point to never stop learning and maturing as an individual. Never stop growing. 

6. You are a skilled conversationalist.

Communication has the power to compensate for many faults. There are very few things in the world that a good conversation can’t fix. That’s why a lot of men love it when their women happen to be skilled communicators. Having a good conversation with someone you can connect with on an emotional level is a rare find in this world and that’s why a lot of men really value it when they find it. 

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