6 Things That People Who Have Been Single For A Long Time Are Most Frustrated About

Why do so many people hate being single? We all start out being single when we are born. And it’s very important that we learn how to build ourselves in this phase of our lives. Being single is more than just a relationship status that you would input on a form or list on your Facebook status. And it is most definitely not a flaw or a weakness that you might have.

When you are single, you are given an opportunity to really contemplate about who you are and what you want in life. You get to really think about your views on love and what it is you’re actually hoping to extract from it. You get a chance to really test your strength and see just what you’re capable of doing in this life. You are able to detach from everything and everyone around you. You are able to live life at your own pace by your own rules.

But not all of us are going to embrace the idea of singlehood so enthusiastically. In fact, a lot of us are going to be just downright sick of being single all of the time. A lot of people think that being single is essentially the same as being unlucky in life. They think that people who are single are perpetually miserable and sad. This is where the idea of a hopeless romantic comes from – someone who so desperately yearns for love and yet fails to attain it at every turn.

If you are a single person who embraces your singlehood and actually enjoys the life that you have, then a lot of the things that will be listed on here might bother you. In fact, a lot of these frustrations might be felt by you on a very deep and profound level. You’re so used to being single but you’re definitely not used to the many annoying things that happen to you as a result of your being single.

Here are a few things that you might be frustrated about because you have been single for the longest time.

1. People tend to be more invested in your life than you are.

You don’t really care much about the fact that you’re single. It doesn’t really affect you that much. And that’s why it’s so annoying that there are so many people out there who are more invested in the fact that you don’t have a love life than you are.

2. You receive a lot of unsolicited advice on love and dating.

You’re not interested in dating as of yet. You don’t want to be forcing the issue with anyone. And you aren’t actively looking for a romantic partner either. And yet, the people that you’re with seem to have it on high authority to be handing you some dating advice that you never asked for or even needed in the first place.

3. Your friends often try to set you up with random strangers.

You have great friends who are always trying to look out for your best interests and you are always thankful to have them in your life. However, it can get really annoying when they force the issue with your romantic life. They might think that they’re just trying to help you out. But the truth is that you aren’t really looking to date at all.

4. You are always on the receiving end of peoples’ pity.

You are always on the receiving end of other peoples’ pity even though you don’t pity yourself at all. You don’t find anything wrong with the situation that you’re in. You are perfectly happy on your own. You are perfectly fine with living your life as a single person. And yet, they still find the situation that you’re in to be quite sad and unfortunate.

5. Your friends start acting weirdly around you.

Your couple friends start to treat you differently. They start to act as if you are messing with the vibe. They make you feel like you are an outcast just because you can’t do the things that most couples are able to do. And so, you end up feeling outcasted by your own group of friends just because you are doing perfectly fine on your own.

6. They think that you would be romantically interested in every single person you talk to.

They just naturally assume that you’re constantly on the hunt. They just automatically think that any person you talk to is a person that you’re trying to flirt with. But obviously, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. You’re just trying to be friendly with the people you meet. And just because you happen to be talking to someone doesn’t mean that you want to get into a relationship with them.

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