6 Things to expect when dating an Ambivert

We are all aware of the traits that divide us into a set of introverts and extroverts, what many of us might not know is, there lies a grey area between the two where all the ambiverts reside. These are the people who do not conform to either of these two categories, they have traits of both introverts and extroverts and understanding them can sometimes be a chore itself, they can be confusing. You know an introvert doesn’t like social gatherings, while an extrovert is quite the opposite- you have them sorted; while an ambivert might wanna go out and party and once you are there they will feel drained and will want to run home immediately. If you are dating someone who is an outgoing introvert then you should know what to expect, the following should help you with the confusion.

1. They like going out…. for a while

You will find these people getting super excited at the thought of dancing the night off and once they get there, you will see them truly enjoying and often become the life of the party but this stays only till their introvert side kicks in, don’t be surprised if you find them in a quiet corner being annoyed by the same people they were having fun with moments ago. It’s like these social gatherings drain them, they need to recharge. You should also know, that when they want to leave right now, so if you are the kind of a person who is always the last one to leave, then you’ll have to make a little change in your timings.

2. They are a really good judge of characters

They are a mix of both introverts and extroverts, so they have the ability to talk as well as listen, this enables them to know people better. Their introvert side makes them a good observer while they know how to ask all the right questions without many inhibitions. They analyze everything! So, don’t be surprised when they call you out on your bullshit; this also makes them very good at giving advice, because it’s very likely that they noticed the things which you missed, they’ll always be your go-to person without disappointing you.

3. Those who don’t know them, misunderstand them

These people have a varied range of emotions, from chatting up every person in the room to avoiding all human contact possible. You never know which side you’ll be dealing with and when. They can be a bit unpredictable this way, so when they are in their quiet mode, they might rub people the wrong way, coming off as snobbish, rude or aloof and this makes them feel misunderstood. So, when you’re introducing them to your friends and family, they might not warm up to them quickly leaving a wrong impression. You will have to watch out for this and stick up for them when people give them the ‘frown’.

4. They don’t judge you for your mood swings

This is a perk of dating an ambivert, they don’t judge your sudden change of mood, because they employ this trait themselves. They understand it when you want to socialize or spend some time on your own. They’ll give you your space without asking any questions.

5. They are good conversationalists and good listeners

They can go on talking endlessly about anything and everything, they can go on and on about a movie that they recently watched; but they know when to stop and just listen to you, they are good at paying attention and being there for people. You never really get bored with them.

6. They take a little time warming up

They take a little time before they vibe with everyone else, you will need to be a little patient with them. They also hate small talk and thrive on meaningful conversations. So, if you are on a date with them don’t beat around the bush, be real, be you. They don’t like wasting their time, if they like you they really like you, if they’re trying to be with you, take that as a compliment and be a little patient with them till they completely open up.

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