Rejection Hurts – Here Are 6 Ways To Deal With It

Rejection hurts, we’re here to help.

We have all been through rejection at some point in our lives, when you are being criticized, laughed at or dismissed by a person you care about. It can be gut-wrenching and downright embarrassing; you might even start feeling unworthy.

These points might help you stand back up when rejection hurts you.

6. Do not expect the person to change

The first and the hardest step is to accept and let go, understand that the person who you were in love with or had any bond with, has no feelings of affection left to offer, all they can and will give you is more pain and rejection. So don’t try to cling to that person hoping that one day your steadfast love can make them go back on their decision. Prepare yourself to move on, and that comes only after you fully accept the situation.

5. It is not the end of the world

It is crucial to understand that this is just a temporary situation, you cannot dwell on it forever- it is not the end. This is just God’s way of redirecting you to something better, let that plan fall into place by being strong and patient. You are broken and hurt, but it’s the toughest storms that make the bravest sailors. Understand that you will come out of this, nothing ends here.

4. Do not beg and plead

In a situation like this, it is normal to try and make that person see things your way, to make them reconsider their decision, but after that initial justification and persuasion, comes the point where you need to stop begging them to take you back. Every time you knock on the same door, and it keeps shutting, right on your face, you lose a little piece of your self-respect to them, even if they do take you back, temporarily, it will be out of sympathy, and soon you will find yourself at their feet, again.

3. You deserve better

A person who doesn’t realize or respect your feelings for them, wants to push you away and let go, doesn’t deserve you. What you ought to have, is a person who reciprocates your feelings, loves you, respects you, and doesn’t take you for granted. The person rejecting you is not the last person on the planet, it might feel like he or she is ‘the one’ at that moment, but there is always someone out there who is better suited for you, and you will have a chance to meet this person, only after you end this toxic chapter.

2. Stop looking for closure

Some relationships have to end without proper closure, but that does not mean that you still have a chance to make it work. No matter how hard you try to fix it, you never will. You will be stuck in between trying to fix it and trying to end it, what you need to understand is that some relationships are meant to stay that way, broken.

1. Be your hero

If you look for happiness in other people, you are most likely to come out disappointed; happiness comes from within. You need only one person to make you happy, who has complete control over your life, and that person is you. Respect yourself enough to let go of that person. Happiness is a decision; it does not happen miraculously. The moment you pick yourself up, have the courage to face your problems, is the moment you have taken the first step toward contentment.

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