6 Things Widely Considered To Be Red Flags In A Relationship That Are Totally Normal

Embarking on the journey of love can be tricky, and sometimes, things that look like problems might be totally okay. Let’s chat about ten stuff in relationships that might seem like warning signs but are actually just normal parts of being human. From how we text to family stuff, we’ll figure out why these things aren’t as scary as they might seem.

So, get ready for a ride as we untangle the confusing bits of relationships and discover the simple, everyday things that make them special!

1. Not making eye contact

It’s totally cool if your partner isn’t gazing into your eyes every second. People have different comfort levels with eye contact, and some may find it intense or uncomfortable. It doesn’t mean they’re hiding something or not into you. Everyone has their unique way of expressing affection, and some folks just prefer showing it in different, more subtle ways.

2. Not responding to texts immediately

We’ve all got busy lives, right? So, if your significant other doesn’t reply to your text within milliseconds, don’t hit the panic button. People have jobs, commitments, and moments when they need to put their phones down. It’s totally normal for them to respond when they can. It doesn’t mean they’re ignoring you; they’re probably just caught up in the whirlwind of life.

3. Not having a social media presence

In a world that sometimes feels like it runs on hashtags, not everyone is hooked on social media. If your partner isn’t posting their every move online, that’s perfectly fine. Some folks are just more private or prefer to keep their lives offline. It doesn’t mean they’re hiding something or being mysterious. They might just value their personal space more than a perfectly curated Instagram feed.

4. Not getting along with parents

Families can be complicated, and not everyone has a sitcom-worthy relationship with their parents. So, if your partner doesn’t exactly click with their folks, it doesn’t automatically signal relationship doom. Sometimes, personalities clash or past issues linger. It’s more crucial to focus on how your partner treats you and the effort they put into your relationship rather than their relationship with their family.

5. Living with family even as an adult

Adulting is hard, and it doesn’t always come with a side of financial stability. So, if your partner still calls their childhood bedroom home, it doesn’t mean they’re stuck in the past. Financial responsibilities, career changes, or simply wanting to support their family are all valid reasons. It’s a red flag only if they’re not making any effort towards personal growth or independence, but living with family in itself is not a deal-breaker.

6. Being secretive about personal past

Everybody’s got a history, and not everyone is an open book about their past. If your partner is a bit tight-lipped about certain aspects of their life before you came along, it doesn’t necessarily spell trouble. People have their reasons for keeping some things private, whether it’s past relationships, personal struggles, or just awkward phases. Trust and communication in the present matter more than dissecting every detail of the past. Sometimes, a little mystery keeps the relationship intriguing.

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