6 Things your coupled self should learn from your single self

When you are single you are growing individually; doing new things, having new experiences, having fun, building yourself up etc but many of us forget that once we are in a relationship our growth doesn’t stop there. We need to keep growing as an individual and as a couple with each passing day. Following are the things which we need to take with us from our single life to our relationships.

1. Being financially independent.

This one is especially important for women; maintaining their financial independence. Even if your partner is filthy rich, this is not your cue to resign from your job. It’s okay if your man likes footing the bill each time, but you shouldn’t be making him pay for every pair of earrings that you buy, stop taking from your partner somewhere. Not being completely dependent will give you freedom to make choices on your own, it will be healthy for your self-respect and you’ll be happier with yourself. Balance your finances smartly, without being snobby about it.

2. Trying new things.

When you are single, you have all the time to try new things which most of us neglect once we are in a relationship. We stop exploring and as a result not only our personality but also our relationship becomes boring. So, don’t lose your spirit of trying new things, in fact make it a thing with your partner; try an exotic dish together, go cliff diving, go to a costume party. This will not only add a little adventure to your relationship, you will spend more time together and make new memories to call your own, it will bring you guys closer.

3. Spending time alone is important.

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you have to give up your hobbies, things you enjoy doing alone, your individuality. A healthy relationship is one where the partners are not too clingy and aren’t scared of a little me-time. Don’t lose yourself by giving up harmless things like going to the theatre, doing yoga etc for your relationship, the little things you liked doing on your own, you deserve some time in your own company.

4. Taking care of yourself.

Many couples stop taking care of themselves, like they used to, before the relationship. This is one of the many reasons why married couples, start gaining weight. Being comfortable with each other does not mean that you stop eating healthy or stop waxing or stop going to the gym. Your health, fitness and cleanliness is still extremely important and it will make you feel good about yourself.

5. Spending time with your friends.

Don’t ignore your friends once you are in a relationship, just like you have date nights, have friend nights. It is healthy to have an independent social life, having friends outside the relationship will give you a variety of people, you will be happier as an individual and bring those happy vibes to the relationship, plus you’ll also have more to talk about with your partner.

6. Sometimes it’s okay to be not okay.

When you were single you saw all the happy couples and craved for a relationship, you built up fairytales, think of all the ways you used to handle your fantasising self, things that made you happy with your life. Similarly, there are cons to being in a relationship too and sometimes you might find yourself missing your single life. Understand that there are ups and downs in every relationship, just like you got over your loneliness during your single life, find ways to deal with your relationship problems too, be strong and accommodating.

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